The Aldi Salad Dressing That's Worthy Of Celebration

Did you hear what happened to the tomato? He was so embarrassed — he saw the salad dressing. Just a little humor to help get you through the day, but since we're already on the subject of salad dressings, Aldi apparently is home to one that some shoppers think stands above the rest. In a post to the grocer's Reddit page, Reddit user u/tshirtbag took a moment to celebrate the brand's Specially Selected House Vinaigrette, which is made with spices, cider vinegar, and whole garlic cloves.

"The absolute best salad dressing ever," they declared in their post, but the praise didn't stop there. The Redditor also gave the product an impressive score of 11/10. "Suddenly I can't stop eating salad," they quipped.

It might be hard to believe that people can be so impressed by a salad dressing, especially when the dressing in question isn't named ranch. However, several members of the Aldi fandom have chimed in on the Reddit thread in support of the grocer's House Vinaigrette, including u/AlexLeePKEQVEEN. "100% agree. It's the only salad dressing I buy now," they said.

Meanwhile, another Redditor tried to make the case for ditching the store-bought vinaigrette for an easy, homemade version – but u/BicycleFlat6345 wouldn't have it. "I try to make vinaigrettes at home, but they're always a little off, and, of course, time-consuming and dirty more dishes," they commented. Hard to argue with that.

Aldi shoppers are using its House Vinaigrette dressing is good for more than just salads

Some of our favorite salad dressings have gotten a bit of a bad rep over the years for containing high amounts of fat and sugar. However, according to the Association for Dressings and Sauces, a study conducted by UCLA's School of Public Health found that salad dressing can actually increase the amount of nutrients the body absorbs when indulging in a veggie medley. Therefore, we see no problem with tossing your greens with dressing in moderation. If Aldi shoppers have any say, it seems that the chain's Specially Selected House Vinaigrette is the perfect dressing for the job — though salads aren't the only meal that fans of the low-budget grocer are using it for.

In response to u/tshirtbag's Reddit thread, several people claimed that House Vinaigrette makes a great marinade for things like chicken and portobello burgers. Others said it works well in pasta salad, while Reddit user u/mngmrv offered the suggestion of using it on a submarine sandwich. Another Reddit user also said it can be made into a creamier dressing or vegetable dip with the addition of mayonnaise.

Several commenters also praised the other vinaigrette flavors in Aldi's Specially Selected line, which includes Raspberry, Greek, Garlic, and Three Cheese.