10 Frozen Soft Pretzels You Should Buy At The Grocery Store And 4 You Should Avoid

Many of us have likely hankered for a soft pretzel only to be deterred by the wildly long line at the stand. Luckily for us, that's not usually an issue at the grocery store. The freezer aisle is typically stocked with boxes of pretzels that require just a pinch of salt and a spin in the microwave (or the oven if you're patient) to conjure up pretzel magic, all from the comfort of your own kitchen. For us, heating up a buttery pretzel offers a highly convenient snack that might be just as tasty as its food court counterpart. 

That being said, all pretzels are not created equal. Supermarkets are downright overwhelming, and you'll probably see multiple brands of pretzels at once while scanning the shelves, making your decision-making instincts go into overdrive. Do they taste good? Are they affordable? Is the package generously sized for around-the-clock indulgence? There's so much to consider when picking a box of frozen pretzels: Some will really pique your tastebuds, while some may not make the cut. 

1. Buy: SuperPretzel Fully Baked Soft Pretzels

SuperPretzel is likely of the most recognizable frozen pretzel brands out there. Most grocery stores tend to stock this brand. This ballpark favorite beckons us with its cheerful box and easy-to-follow directions. Dab on a little water, sprinkle on that chunky salt, and watch your snack come to life via the microwave or oven. It's not surprising that this brand has begun to dominate supermarket shelves. J&J Snack Foods manufactures SuperPretzel along with other sports arena-themed snacks such as Icee and Dippin' Dots

SuperPretzels are a classic option, and naturally, fans of all ages naturally have nothing but rave reviews for the nostalgic flavor and budget-friendly price of this brand.  Many customers refer to these as a delicious treat to fuel their day, especially when paired with a variety of sauces or add-ons for the full experience. Since these tend to be easily available, the fact that you don't have to hunt around to score a box is ideal for those get-in and get-out trips. Less time searching, more time snacking? Yes, please!  

2. Buy: SuperPretzel 25-Count Soft Pretzels

If you're a super fan of SuperPretzels, it makes sense to have a proper stash for round-the-clock pretzel enjoyment. The 25-Count pack from SuperPretzel contains quadruple the number of pretzels in a standard box, so you can fill your belly with even more doughy goodness. Additionally, buying the jumbo size routinely offers shoppers a lower price per volume: A six-pack costs $4.99 as of May 2023, while Martin's charges $9.49 for the bulk pack, which breaks down to about 37 cents per pretzel. 

The sheer amount of snacking possibilities offered by this option should be enough to pull you in, but the  SuperPretzel brand provides plenty of additional reasons to choose it over others. When one YouTuber discovered that his box of 25 was two pretzels short, the company didn't need any nudging to rectify the mistake. In fact, the food reviewer was surprised when the brand delivered a whole box of merch straight to his door to make up for the error. Most supermarkets carry the 6-count from SuperPretzel, which might make it easier to find. But if you adore salted soft pretzels enough to fill up your freezer with them, the 25-Count box will not let you down. 

3. Buy: Baker's Best Baked Soft Pretzels

Snacking experts hype up Baker's Best Baked Soft Pretzels as hidden gems, and it's easy to see why: You'll find them at Dollar Tree, so they're incredibly budget-friendly, and by all accounts, the quality is on par with big labels. Each box features half-a-dozen twists, complete with a packet of pretzel salt and heating instructions for the oven and microwave. 

Typically, customers may not opt for dollar-store items, perhaps due to their plain appearance, but the packaging of Baker's Best is deceiving in the best way. Although the pretzel count matches SuperPretzel or Auntie Anne's, a box of these weighs 16 ounces as compared to just 13 ounces: That likely means you're getting a bigger snack. The savings offered by these pretzels are highly tempting, especially because they taste just like the pretzels offered by trusted brands. 

They're perfectly chewy and salty. Customers are so enthusiastic about Baker's Best that they can't help sharing some of the scrumptious ways they're getting their snack game on. One individual swears on using the air fryer for extra crispiness, while another customer dunks them in vegan cheese sauce.

4. Buy: Wegmans Baked Soft Pretzels

While you may associate Wegmans with artisanal cheeses or Mediterranean bars, it actually offers store-brand soft pretzels. One reviewer noted that these pretzels are an enjoyable replacement for Philadelphia salted pretzels, which is quite a compliment considering that the city is known for its pretzels. These Baked Salt Pretzels are vegan and free of lactose as well as artificial additives, as noted by the label on the packaging. These pretzels are suitable for people who follow a vegan or lactose-free diet, which really makes them stand out from other soft pretzel options. And have we mentioned the $2.69 price tag? This product offers great value for money. 

While these pretzels taste good, there's nothing overly unique about them: They're chewy and soft, making them ideal for an afternoon snack. Salt is included in a baggie, so you can season these according to your own tastes and preferences. Splashing a little bit of water on them before baking will give them a toasty brown shade. Purchase a jar of the store's own Queso sauce while you're at it, and voila: You have the perfect snack for movie night at home. 

5. Buy: Hanover Frozen Soft Baked Pretzels

Since frozen pretzels are easy to store in your freezer, they're also ideal for buying in bulk. Hanover's frozen Soft Baked Pretzels seem to offer the best of both worlds in terms of both taste and value. While it's possible to purchase them in a standard 6-pack, a packet of 18 can be purchased at Walmart for under $6. Plus, they're made out of a sturdy sourdough mix that customers can't get enough of: Soggy wet dough can be an issue for frozen foods, but shoppers attest that these pretzels stay nice and fresh, even after a long hibernation in the freezer. 

People who've purchased Hanover's soft pretzels rave about the low price, but these pretzels offer superior flavor in addition to an astounding bargain: Since they're plain, there's room for endless customizations. A few recommendations include baking them with a coating of brown sugar or cinnamon as well as using dipping sauces like mustard or caramel, but even the tried-and-true coarse sprinkling of salt leads to a mouthwatering snack. Considering the unique flavor and generous quantity offered by this brand, we'll be putting these in our cart pronto! 

6. Buy: Tonya's Gluten-Free Kitchen Soft Pretzels

Gluten-free products are more popular than ever, from crackers to desserts and bread varieties. Case in point: Tonya's Gluten-Free Kitchen Original Soft Pretzels are a slam-dunk of a snack. According to the box, you'll get six generously-portioned knots made with rice flour and tapioca flour. One of the biggest indications that shoppers adore these soft pretzels is the classic compliment that's often attributed to the best gluten-free snacks: These don't taste gluten-free. 

In fact, their fluffy, steaming texture resembles any fresh pretzel you might purchase from a bowling alley or sports bar. One blogger prefers using the oven for a toastier result, though the microwave will also result in a delicious quick bite that kicks tummy rumbles to the curb. Customers that opt for these can count on a filling and yummy snack. Predictably, the price tag for these is higher: As of May 2023, Wegmans charges $10.99 for a packet of these, likely because they're gluten-free. Luckily, these pretzels are fantastic enough to eat the cost (literally). 

7. Buy: Milwaukee Pretzel Company Bavarian Pretzel

Pretzels at the grocery store usually fit in the palm of our hand. At least, that was our perception prior to discovering this behemoth by Milwaukee Pretzel Company. You can bet The Bavarian Beast lives up to the title. It's a whole pound of pure, twisted dough, and as the packaging indicates, one of these browned baddies can satisfy an entire group. The directions instruct placing it in the oven, though microwaving is also welcome, and you're welcome to get a little creative with which liquid you coat them with: German lager, anyone?

As of May 2023, Piggly Wiggly sells these for  $8.99, but you'll likely also find them in the freezer aisle at Kroger and Harris Teeter. Even without a sale, we can guarantee this gigantic pretzel stacks up to the beer garden versions any day. Given that the company stays true to the German tradition with its recipe and baking methods, including food-grade lye for that crackly exterior, you're receiving killer quality that's rare in any supermarket these days, short of the gourmet retailers and bakeries where you'd inherently expect incredible quality. 

8. Buy: Meijer Baked Soft Pretzels

Midwest chain Meijer is another grocery outlet that sells ready-to-eat soft pretzels at a bargain. It's hard to argue with the price of these pretzels. These are hauntingly close to SuperPretzel brand offerings in just about every way: The ingredients, baking instructions, even the six-count portion of each box, except for the fact that you'll spend $2.79 instead of the $3+ charged by SuperPretzel. 

Scoring a good deal at the grocery store is vital if we want to keep our finances in check. Indeed, generic salted pretzels from Wegmans or Baker's Best indicate that most frozen varieties are hard to tell apart most of the time anyway. Any knotted dough that's coated in salt and a little butter is highly likely to be irresistible, and we're certain Meijer's offering is no different. Considering the markups that companies try to pull off on branded products, why not shave a few cents off your total? 

9. Buy: Giant/Stop & Shop Soft Baked Pretzels

Shoppers on the East Coast can peruse both Giant and Stop & Shop for Ahold soft pretzels. If these Soft Baked Pretzels are anything like the other generic frozen pretzel brands, they're likely just as delicious and economical to boot. Ahold is a Dutch conglomerate that operates both Giant and Stop & Shop supermarkets, which explains why these pretzels are available at both outlets. One pack of these contains six pretzels that can be heated in the microwave.

Assuming you're not dedicatedly loyal to specific brands, you're looking at a pretty decent value for a frozen snack with this offering. Some of the smaller brands can give the main pretzel companies a run for their money. Even if you're a dedicated SuperPretzel or Auntie Anne's fan, there's no reason to judge a book by its cover. A crackly, fresh-baked pretzel that you'll inhale in seconds: Isn't that what matters the most? Season them to your taste with the salt packet, slather on some butter and cheese, or just toast them bare on a baking sheet: There are no rules!  

10. Buy: Haddar Baked Soft Pretzels

Haddar Baked Soft Pretzels are ideal for people who follow a kosher diet. Thirteen-ounce boxes can be scored at Kroger and Stop & Shop. You can also purchase these at kosher supermarkets, which may be your best bet for reliable availability if you plan to stock up often. And why wouldn't you? Just look at how toasted, puffy, crunchy, and delicious they look on the packaging. 

Each box contains six pretzels, and the ingredients basically line up with the big-name brands on the market, although Haddar's pretzels do contain apple juice concentrate, which is a more unusual ingredient in the realm of soft pretzels. The addition of apple juice concentrate may give these pretzels an unusual and enhanced taste. Preparation is quick and easy regardless of the appliance you use. Haddar lists directions for the toaster as well as the microwave and oven, which gives these pretzels a convenient edge. 

11. Avoid: Kroger Bavarian Pretzel Sticks

Sure, Kroger's house-label pretzels from Kroger are as fun as any Oktoberfest-themed treat can be. Yet as far as grocery store finds go, your wallet can do much better than the Bavarian Pretzel Sticks. In our opinion, there are options that give you just as delicious a product with superior value. You'll be paying $10 for 10 of these salted rods: Compare these to the family-sized box of Hanover's Pretzels, which costs about $6 or just about 32 cents apiece

One customer pointed out that for the same value, you could snag multiple boxes of Baker's Best Soft Pretzels from Dollar Tree, which really puts it in perspective. Kroger's pretzels are divided into two bags, which is a nice feature for preserving freshness: Open one pouch now and save the other one for later. They're easy to grab, but so are regular soft pretzels, and to that point, cheaper soft pretzels. Additionally, while the flavor is okay, it's far from mind-blowing. By all means, bring the beer garden experience to your own backyard: Just don't spend more than necessary. 

12. Avoid: Auntie Anne's Classic Soft Pretzels

We'll never say no to Auntie Anne's pretzels when strolling around the mall. But we'd skip past the Classic Soft Pretzels at the supermarket since they're on the pricier end of pretzels in the grocery sphere. First off, a box of these only contains five pretzels: Five. These are priced at $6.79 at Target, but the same retailer currently sells SuperPretzels for under $4, and that includes one pretzel more than Auntie Anne's boxed offering. The 13.4-ounce weight indicates that they're heftier in size, but evidently not by much.

You might be wondering if these boxed pretzels hold up to the food court counterpart. It seems like the promise of a fast food staple at home is too good to be true. Sadly, they're just not the same. Despite the pouches of salt and butter that help you recreate the wonderful greasiness of the original twist, the boxed version is missing that special touch. Unsurprisingly, some shoppers feel the flavor is slightly bland and don't really resemble the original snack at all. Those who like soft pretzels as a treat are better off waiting till their next visit to the mall. 

13. Avoid: Kim & Scott's Traditional Bavarian Soft Pretzels

Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels' nutritious spin on Bavarian pretzels should get a thumb's up in theory. But when we saw that the bakery was actually bought out by J & J Snack Foods, our enthusiasm took a nose-dive. If you're unfamiliar with the multi-brand conglomerate, it also owns the infinitely popular SuperPretzel, which permeates every supermarket and stadium on the planet. SuperPretzels offerings seem to be infinitely less pricey.

If you purchase this product, you may end up spending more due to the branding of this product while receiving a serviceable, albeit ordinary, product. You see, there's nothing objectionable about the twists taste-wise, but we're not wild about the measly four-count you get for a pretty penny. Quality over quantity and all that, but still: How expensive can yeast and flour really be? Fittingly enough, a reviewer noted the generic soft pretzels from Wegmans were a shoo-in for Kim & Scott's, only without the astronomical markup. 

14. Avoid: Crav'n Flavor Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels are just one part of Crav'n Flavor's lineup, which includes crackers, frozen pizzas, cookie dough, and more. Crav'n Flavor's pretzels are not reinventing the wheel, but they're priced in a way to make you think they are: A box of six pretzels costs about $4, which is on the pricier end. The fact that the brand claims these contain no preservatives doesn't really make them that wholesome: The ingredients consist of enriched wheat flour, corn syrup, water, and yeast. The pretzels offered by other brands, such as SuperPretzel, Giant, and Meijer's (among others), contain the same ingredients. 

When we're not gauging affordability, we're trying to work out if there's something really special about a pretzel offering: While these pretzels may taste quite good, the striking resemblance to better-known options just doesn't convince us that these somehow up the ante. Suffice it to say that if you want a hunger-obliterating bite, it's best to stick to tried-and-true brands: They are well-reputed for a reason!