Jack Link's Dude Ranch Meat Retreat Is A Jerky Lover's Fever Dream

Although the world has plenty of beef jerky brands, only one brand can say it provides customers with a unique dude ranch experience. In honor of National Jerky Day on June 12, Jack Link's has opened up its very own limited-time dude ranch resort. 

According to PR Newswire, the "Meat Retreat" includes a meat-themed suite, cowboy-esque activities, and a feast prepared by a private chef. Of course, given the retreat is hosted by Jack Link's, a stay at the ranch also includes all the beef jerky and other meat-centric dishes (even desserts) that guests could ever want. 

How does one book a trip at Jack Link's dude ranch? Starting on June 12, a limited number of reservations will open on the Meat Retreat website. A typical six-night retreat at Montana's Bar W Guest Ranch has different packages starting at $2,700 per person for an all-inclusive itinerary of activities. The Jack Link's event is fully paid for; guests will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis for the four-day, three-night Meat Retreat experience. 

Jack Link's goes all out for National Jerky Day celebrations

Those who manage to get their hands on a reservation at the Jack Link's-hosted Meat Retreat will participate in several ranch experiences. In addition to riding horses and learning to craft with leather, the Bar W Guest Ranch offers a wide variety of activities, including hatchet throwing, fly fishing, archery, skeet shooting, and hiking. Evenings at the ranch feature campfires, line dancing, and even sampling different types of whiskey

And while this trip sounds like a real treat, it isn't the first wild excursion Jack Link's has planned for National Jerky Day. In 2022, the brand hosted "Race to the Loot," during which jerky lovers were tasked with fun puzzles, natural obstacles, and a hike up the Jerky Butte in Arizona. The winning team took home $10,000 in prize money, as well as a year's supply of beef jerky. Considering beef jerky is so expensive, we can't imagine how much that stash is worth, but we're sure it pales in comparison to the memories made.