The McDonald's Breakfast Menu Item Sold In Other Countries That's Giving The U.S. Serious FOOD-MO

As most folks may know, there can be slight differences in McDonald's menu items if you visit locations in other countries. There are a few items you won't see in the United States, such as the mini panzerotti featured on the McDonald's Italy menu or the McToast Ham & Cheese that graces the German menu. However, a particular breakfast menu item that you won't find in a U.S. McDonald's has us drooling.

The Crispy Chicken Muffin, a crispy chicken patty topped with a slice of creamy processed cheese and a layer of mayonnaise-based sauce ensconced in a pillowy English muffin, will make you wish Malaysia was closer. The Malaysian breakfast menu item looks very similar to the Chicken McMuffin that can be found on the Canadian McDonald's menu. However, the northern version is made from farm-raised Canadian chickens. So if you are looking for the next best thing to the Crispy Chicken Muffin, you may want to take a trip north of the border. In the same vein, Germany has the McMuffin Fresh Chicken made with a crispy battered chicken patty, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, velvety mild sauce, and melted cheese. Let's look at other versions of this savory breakfast item which may have you updating your passport.

Other versions of the Crispy Chicken Muffin from around the world

Along with the Crispy Chicken Muffin, Malaysian McDonald's locations also feature the same sandwich but with an egg tucked between the crispy chicken and soft McMuffin. Canada also has a variation of their Chicken McMuffin, but it marries the mouth-watering flavors of crispy hickory bacon slices, crunchy lettuce, and ripe red tomatoes. McDonald's in New Zealand features the Chicken McMuffin and the Chicken & Bacon McMuffin, which mirrors the same ingredients as the Malaysian menu. 

McDonald's in Dubai also has the Chicken McMuffin. However, their ingredients are just a little bit different. Although it has the same English muffin, shredded lettuce, and mayo, it also contains Lurpak Butter (a combination of milk fat and rapeseed oil) and Halal chicken, prepared in accordance with Islamic law. Unfortunately, these delightfully crispy and savory breakfast sandwiches are not available in the United States. However, that can't stop you from traveling the globe to sate your McMuffin appetite.