McDonald's Milkshake Hot Sauce Combination Looks Hilariously Spicy

Hot sauce can be added to a wide variety of savory dishes from pizza to eggs to avocado toast, but would you ever think to add a few dashes of the vibrant red condiment to a milkshake? TikTok user @mimidarlingbeauty did this with her vanilla shake from Mickey D's, and her reaction to trying the unique food combination might be exactly what you'd expect.

The spicy shake was first up for the TikToker in a video posted to her account in February in which she tried a series of odd McDonald's food combos that she found online (because where else would you find such an idea?). "My head's rolling at this," she admitted while dousing her dessert in Tabasco sauce. "It smells like bin juice," she added.

Finally, the TikToker conducted her taste test of the concoction; and, based on her reaction, it doesn't look like she'll be remaking it any time soon. "Sorry but I'd rather lick my nightly application of Germolene for a mouth tingle than that," she exclaimed after letting out a few coughs. She even attempted to give the peppery dessert another sip. Ultimately, she decided that it wasn't worth another taste. However, that doesn't necessarily mean the mixture isn't worth trying for yourself.

Hot sauce and ice cream is actually a popular combination

The hilariously spicy combination of hot sauce and a McDonald's milkshake didn't quite win over the tastebuds of TikTok user @mimidarlingbeauty; and there weren't many other TikTokers sold on the idea, either. "I will not survive the first one," one person wrote in the comments section. "Omg no the milkshake sounds so bad," another quipped. But, believe it or not, there are many foodies out there supporting the concoction.


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As you may know, dairy is an excellent way to cool your mouth after eating hot sauce because it masks capsaicin, which is the chemical compound in chili peppers that makes them spicy and slightly painful to ingest. Consuming the two together produces a similar effect, so eating ice cream doused in hot sauce will also quell a bit of the condiment's fiery effects. Additionally, chowing down on the hot and cold combo will also allow the eater to experience a unique duo of sweet and spicy sensations at the same time, according to Mike V's Foods.

However, just because you have ice cream and hot sauce on hand, that doesn't necessarily mean the combo will work in your tastebud's favor. As Pisqueya hot sauce owner Maritza Abreu explained to, vanilla ice cream or a tropical fruit sorbet like mango or pineapple are ideal if you want to test this food experiment out; and, hot sauce-wise, you want to go for one that is oil- or fruit-based.