Cereal And Cake Pops Are The Breakfast Mashup That Belong Together

For many people, a tall glass of milk is the beverage of choice to accompany a slice of cake. So it makes sense that TikToker @sydneymelhoff's video showing how you can eat cake pops like cereal — in a bowl of milk — is taking the internet by storm. That's right; you can now enjoy mini cake pops for your next breakfast meal.

You can follow any cake pop recipe you'd like, but make sure to keep the cake balls small since you'll want to fit two or three pieces on a spoon to eat. And although you won't be using any sticks to eat the cake pops, you're still going to need them for dipping the mini cake pops in the candy melt mixture. Once the frosting has solidified, you can slide out the sticks and drop the cake pops in a bowl of milk. 

Reaction to the pink and cheerful video was largely positive, with most people hailing the invention as genius and heavenly. Of course, there are always a few doubters, mostly people who said they'd just never have the patience to make all the tiny cake pop pieces. But the OP explained that if you want to make your cake pops quickly, you can use a microwavable Funfetti Mug Cake that will cook in just two minutes.  

A rainbow of variations on the sweet suggestion

Since cookies and milk are a match made in heaven there is a wide variety of variations of the cake pop-cereal mashup you can explore. One idea that's so obvious it's brilliant is to actually use cereal in the cake pop recipe. Many childhood favorites lend themselves to use when you're making the mini cake pops: Fruit Loops, rice crispies (in all of their various manifestations), any flaky cereal, any chocolatey cereal, any peanut buttery cereal — all of these would make tasty cake pops, and even tastier tiny cake pops in a pool of milk. 

Another option is to add cookies to the cake batter. If you like dunking your Oreos in milk or leaving them in the mug to get soggy, you may want to try this with an Oreo cake pop recipe. Make them small and throw them in a bowl of milk. This is also a great way to use up stale cookies, should you have any lying around. Milk and cake are such an iconic combination, that there are dozens of possibilities for the cake pop-cereal combo. Dig into your childhood memories of sweet treats, and then tuck into a breakfast sure to brighten up your day.