We're Running To Costco's Frozen Section For Afters Cookie Monster Bars

Those who live on the West Coast are likely familiar with the Afters ice cream chain. Afters' menu includes nearly 20 different flavors of ice cream, with flavors as unique as French Toast Churro, Salty Oreo, and Cookie Monster.

Fortunately for ice cream lovers who don't live in Los Angeles but still live in southern California, its Cookie Monster ice cream has found its way into bar form and landed in the freezer aisle of Costco. Each package of 10 individual bars costs about $15.

The Afters Cookie Monster ice cream bars are made with vanilla ice cream (dyed blue), chocolate chip cookie pieces, Oreo pieces, and fudge syrup, all neatly packed into a chocolate shell. It's also worth keeping in mind that a single bar contains 310 calories and 27 grams of sugar, so if you are watching calories or trying to cut back on sugar, this particular ice cream treat might not be ideal.

Afters Cookie Monster ice cream bars have collected mixed reviews

Sadly, not even the absolute best desserts at Costco can boast a perfect 5-star rating, and Afters Cookie Monster ice cream bars are no exception. A TikTok video showing how the bars are made received more than 618k views in less than 24 hours. Many people responded positively to the bars' release, with some claiming they desperately wanted to find them in their local Costco.


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However, dozens of others complained about the ice cream bars being full of blue dye. Some commenters felt they were not worth the price, as they are essentially vanilla ice cream. Reddit users added a variety of criticisms on a discussion thread, such as the bars being overly sweet — with the chocolate shell adding to the cloying sweetness — and one user's response that they were "just ok."

With all that being said, the Cookie Monster bars have only been found in southern California Costco stores so far. If you want to buy something similar, your next best bet is to purchase Afters Cookie Monster pints. You can get four pints for $85.95 (with free shipping) through the Gold Belly website and potentially could make your own bars at home using our Dairy Queen Dilly Bars recipe as a guide.