The Aldi Finds To Make July 2023 A Little Sweeter

By the time July hits, you may find yourself already tired of summer. The heat, the humidity, the children who've recently become full-time residents of your eye line ... It can be a lot. But there's something that can fix summer blues, and that's good food. One of the places that give us a pretty solid rotation of novelty treats and flavors at fairly affordable prices is none other than Aldi, which is releasing several new sweet treats in the month of July. 

Of course, these warm weather additions include frozen treats like gelato bites and ice cream sandwiches, but there are also vibrant and unexpected flavors such as mango and peach salsa, as well as a nod to a summer camping trip favorite in cupcake form. We also have the exact dates each one will become available inside Aldi stores, so if you're interested in these specific products, be sure to coordinate your shopping dates with their releases. 

Gelato for all

If you can't make it to Italy this July to enjoy a scoop of gelato during your passeggiata, Aldi has a pretty solid alternative with these chocolate-coated gelato bites from Sundae Shoppe. They are available in chocolate and vanilla gelato varieties and will be available from July 19 for $3.99. 

Stracciatella is our dream ice cream

Stracciatella Dipped Cookie Sandwich. Yes, you read that right. This ice cream sandwich bar has stracciatella ice cream, which is essentially milky gelato with lovely bits of chocolate throughout it, sort of like an upgraded chocolate chip ice cream. Then it's fitted between cocoa cookies and dipped in chocolate, hazelnut, and wafer crumbs. If our enthusiasm isn't coming through, that's a winning combo. Available July 26 for $3.49.

Taste of the tropics

Give your summer vacation a little tropical twist with Bake Shop's pineapple and coconut mini muffins. We are picturing these as an easy picnic snack, or perhaps better yet, crumbled on top of some coconut ice cream or pineapple sorbet. Pineapple with coconut flavor mini muffins are available July 5 for $3.95.

Cupcakes take on a cookie classic

Personally, we love when a dessert tastes like another dessert, just like these Cookies n' Cream miniature cupcakes which are available July 5 for $3.99. Given the imagery, we are guessing it will taste just like an Oreo cookie in cupcake form, and that sounds pretty all right with us. 

Sweet, spicy, superb

Yes, salsa can be sweet as a matter of fact. In fact, classic tomato salsa combined with the summery sumptuous flavors of mango and peach or cherry and raspberry can be a lovely summer snack. The sweetness balances out the spice of the peppers and the acidity of the tomatoes for a winning pairing. Park Street Deli Mango Peach Salsa and Raspberry Cherry Salsa are available July 19 for $2.99.

Instant summer nostalgia cookies

Sipping on pink lemonade is pretty much synonymous with summer weather, but sometimes you need a cookie, not a beverage. And that's where Benton's Pink Lemonade Sandwich Cremes come in. Pink lemonade flavored cream between to biscuit cookies? Yes, please. Plus, these make a great alternative to the more traditional chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies. Available July 5 for $2.39.

Charming chocolate bars

Okay, to start, how cute are these Choceur chocolate bars? And each darling little personality comes with a twist — the Excited bar has popping candy, and the dark chocolate Tired bar gives you a caffeine boost with a bit of espresso. Happy (obviously) has a caramel filling and the ultimate Winner bar has s'mores bits. Now, need we say more? These bars will be available for $1.69 on July 26. 

The no-melt waffle cone

While we love a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone in July, but sometimes we want something a bit less melty, and something that can make it on the car ride to the beach. Enter mini milk chocolate waffle cones made with 100% Belgian chocolate. These tasty little morsels from Benton's are available July 26 for $3.99.

Give me s'more of that

What says summertime like campfire s'mores? But if you don't have the campfire, you can still get the goods with these s'mores mini cupcakes from the Bake Shop. They look to have marshmallow and chocolate whipped frosting and graham cracker sprinkles. And in the words of Ina Garten, "How bad can that be?" They're available July 26 for $4.49.