If You've Been Sleeping On McDonald's Cookies, You're Making A Big Mistake

When you think about making a food run to McDonald's, chances are, you're craving something the fast-food chain is known for, such as fries, a Big Mac, chicken nuggets, or even just a burger. And even though the menu also lists shakes, sundaes, and apple pie, most people don't tend to think, "I'll go to McDonald's for some cookies." And that's a big mistake.

If you've never tried a McDonald's chocolate chip cookie, you are missing out on not only one of the chain's most underrated items, but one of the most affordable convenience cookies available. A single Crumbl Cookie costs around $4, but you can get one of these for just over a dollar. And when you buy more, the price-per-cookie drops significantly. For example, when you buy a three-pack, each one costs less than a dollar. However, if you get a tote of 13, the cookies are less than 50 cents each.

McDonald's cookies are a warm and tasty treat

Arguably, it's no surprise that a fast-food chain has cookies. Many do. What is a game-changer is how good McDonald's cookies are. For example, creator @nevrdunnhome posted a TikTok of her first experience buying a tote of 13 cookies at the chain — a bonafide baker's dozen. Her initial reaction is, "They are freakin' warm. And they smell so good!" By the end of the video, she is a believer, concluding, "That's a good cookie."


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It's not just that one TikTok creator who is a fan. The internet agrees that McDonald's chocolate chip cookies are shockingly good treats. Just a quick sampling of comments reveals raves, such as "This is my dream cookie," "I like how they are crunchy on the outer side and soft and gooey on the inside," and "The cookies are the best thing on the menu tbh." Over on Reddit, one user posted that they "tried a McDonald's cookie for the first time today," and "liked it better than any Crumbl cookie [they've] ever had."

The next time you are thinking about getting a sweet baked treat, skip the grocery and convenience stores. Instead, give this warm and gooey treat a try.