KFC's Summer Merch Drop Is Perfect For Any Beach Trip

Few things are more satisfying than taking that first bite of fried chicken. The elite combination of crunchy, salty skin and juicy, succulent meat is practically unmatched, and though we don't always love indulging in a greasy meal, we certainly don't mind having to use an exorbitant number of napkins to clean our hands when a bucket of crispy poultry is on the menu.

Yes, the Southern delicacy (which, believe it or not, also has some unexpected Scottish origins) is beloved by many, with 16% of Americans even saying that they would marry the picnic fave (via National Today). However, for those who don't want to take a drumstick to the altar, simply celebrating National Fried Chicken Day on July 6 is a perfectly suitable way to show your affinity for the treat, and this year KFC has released something extra special for the annual food holiday.

According to PR Newswire, the finger lickin' good fried chicken chain just dropped a new round of merchandise dubbed the "Ultimate Summer Collection," featuring a number of products that are perfect for demonstrating your fondness for KFC on your next beach trip. Available for purchase at KFCShop.com, the collection includes a beach towel, tumbler cup, bucket hat, koozies, and slide sandals, all of which have the eatery's familiar logo and red and white color scheme. Additionally, KFC has teamed up with the Kentucky-based eyewear brand Shady Rays to create an exclusive pair of polarized wayfarer sunglasses for the drop, as well.

KFC has deals for National Fried Chicken Day, too

Whether you're spending your summer at the beach or sitting in front of your air conditioner, KFC's new Ultimate Summer merchandise collection is a great way for fans to show how much they love the restaurant's 11 herbs and spices during the hottest part of the year and beyond. Prices for the limited-quantity collection range from $5.95 to $54.00, and will only be available for purchase through August 13. Considering that the eatery's fried chicken-scented firelog sold out within hours of being released in 2018, those wanting to cop pieces from the drop may want to hit "Add to Cart" sooner rather than later.

If you'd rather celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with KFC's grub rather than swag, the brand has a few deals available, as well. Per PR Newswire, customers can get free delivery on orders placed via the KFC website or mobile app from now until July 9, at participating locations. This means you can get one of KFC's new $20 Fill-Up Boxes — consisting of four pieces of fried chicken, 12 chicken nuggets, four biscuits, fries, and four dipping sauces — brought straight to your door at no charge.

Additionally, the chain also has its new Ultimate BBQ Fried Sandwich available. The handheld features an "Extra Crispy" chicken patty, bacon, fried onions, cheese, pickles, and honey barbecue sauce all on a brioche bun, the combo of which YouTube user Peep This Out described as a "beautiful situation" in their review.