The Viral Toaster Hack That Gives Breakfast Sandwiches A Cheesy Twist

Have you ever wondered if there are some ways you've been using your toaster all wrong? We don't mean forgetting to switch between the "bagel" and "toast" settings, or making your toast too dark, either. We mean not using it to its full potential. That's because while toasting plain bread products is all most of us ever do in our toaster is just the beginning. You can make grilled cheese in a toaster in several ways, in fact, and there's a method making the rounds on social media that might be tastier (and safer) than previous methods.

The grilled cheese hack you've been missing your whole life is simple. Cut the crusts off of two slices of soft white bread. Spread butter or mayonnaise on both pieces of bread, add a slice of cheese, then put the two slices of bread together to make a crustless cheese sandwich. Now, use a fork to crimp the edges of the bread together, and pop it in the toaster. In a few minutes, you've got a cheese toastie, with a golden-brown, crisp exterior, and a gooey, cheesy middle. But that's just the beginning because these cheese toasties can take the place of the boring old bread in your breakfast sandwiches, too.

Cheesy breakfast sandwiches

TikTok user @thejoshelkin shared how they use this viral grilled cheese toaster hack to make better breakfast sandwiches. They use the cheese-filled toast sandwiches as the bread for a sandwich, then add sausage, cheesy eggs, and even more cheese to complete the meal. The cheesy toasts could work as the bread element for patty melts and burgers, or you could even use mozzarella cheese for the cheesy toast, and then use that as the bread for a sandwich filled with your favorite pizza toppings, like pepperoni, olives, and marinara.


Toaster Hack Breakfast Sandwich.

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There are some concerns about whether or not this trick is actually safe for the toaster, especially since other grilled cheese toaster hacks have resulted in appliance fires in the past. But this version really isn't that much different than a Pop-Tart or Toaster Streudel. To be extra sure that no cheese leaks out into the toaster, creating a smoky mess or potential fire hazard, the bread needs to be well-crimped around the edges. Slightly wetting the inside crust of the bread with water or an egg wash could help it stick, or one could always use a toaster bag, which will keep any cheese from leaking onto the heating element of the toaster. After that, your imagination is the limit to your cheesy toast creations.