The Aldi Donut And Ice Cream Hack That Gives Us Fall Vibes

In addition to being friendly on the wallet, Aldi is widely known for its selection of seasonal products like candles, advent calendars, and, of course, food. More often than not, these goodies come in the form of Aldi Finds, meaning that they are only available for a limited time, and aren't always restocked once they're sold out, either. Therefore, when we caught wind of a delectable dessert hack featuring two fall-flavored products, we knew we had to alert members of the Aldi fandom so they could be ready to snag the items when they hit the shelves.

TikTok user @arit_shops gets this credit for this recipe that combines the grocer's apple cinnamon ice cream and fan-favorite apple cider donuts into a mouthwatering autumnal treat. After you've returned home from your Aldi run, you can start assembling the dish by slicing one of the donuts in half and putting it in the air fryer for about four minutes at 300 degrees. Once the pastry is cooked, add a scoop of ice cream in between both halves to create an apple cider donut ice cream sandwich. "It's literally like an apple funnel cake with ice cream," the TikToker said, which we have to admit sounds pretty tasty. Can fall come any faster?

When will Aldi start stocking seasonal products for fall?

TikTok user @arit_shops has us drooling over their Aldi apple cider donut ice cream sandwich hack, and we're not the only ones. One commenter went as far as to call the recipe "life-changing," while another thanked the TikToker for sharing their idea. And while the TikToker declared the dessert a "10 out of 10," a few people also suggested the addition of caramel sauce to the dessert, which is an idea that we can certainly get behind, as well.

Being that we're still in the thick of summer and the ingredients you'll need to re-create this TikTok delicacy are fall-themed, you may be wondering when you should start checking your local Aldi for the duo of seasonal goodies. Unfortunately, we don't have an exact date for when the products on Aldi's shelves start to reflect the leaf-peeping season. However, last year, Aldi Reviewer reported that the grocer's apple cinnamon ice cream, as well as its pumpkin spice counterpart, started showing up in stores around September 10, while She Knows reported a sighting of the donuts around that time last year, as well.

Therefore, if history is any indication, shoppers may want to start keeping their eyes peeled for these fall products and more right around the start of September. Additionally, the chain also has a page detailing its upcoming Aldi Finds on its website that fans can use to plan their shopping trips, as well.