Costco Tattoos Are The Permanent Way To Show Your Fandom

It's no secret that Costco has developed a cult-like following over the years. From its warehouse-style shopping that allows you to save money buying in bulk to the beloved samples of items you don't even know you want, Costco has a dedicated fan base for a reason. As you wander through the extra wide aisles and notice Costco's really low prices, it's hard to imagine how the big box retailer makes a profit. Beyond all the savvy manufacturing and layout wizardry, Costco shoppers have to cough up a bit of cash before filling their industrial-sized shopping carts. Despite annual memberships ranging from $60-$120, Costco enthusiasts can easily justify the price of entrance with additional cash-back savings and travel benefits.

Some members are so proud of their membership that they have marked their love with permanent ink. That's right: People are getting Costco tattoos. One tattoo artist showed off their fresh new design on TikTok, featuring a pink and yellow rose with a Costco banner wrapped lovingly across the stem. An Instagram user branded themself with a Costco signature Kirkland Brand tattoo, and another Instagrammer shared their handiwork featuring the iconic $1.50 hot dog that Costco is famous for. Fandom pride has never made us so hungry.

These Costco members are truly dedicated to their favorite store

For those looking to memorialize their favorite place to run errands, Costco tattoos are the perfect way to show your support, although we aren't sure if repping a gold star membership card tattoo will get you any additional discount (and it might hurt to try). But if you aren't quite ready for a lifelong commitment to the retailer, there are still plenty of fun and creative ways to show off your Costco pride.


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Costco itself has embraced its shoppers' infatuation, sharing some of the most unique ways fans have celebrated the store in the August 2022 issue of its digital magazine, Costco Connection. Highlights range from adorable "sample lady" Halloween costumes to naming the family pet Kirkland Signature. One newlywed couple even took their wedding photos inside their hometown Costco after purchasing their wedding bands at the reasonably priced jewelry counter, of course. 

If Costco is your home away from home, some might consider throwing a Costco-themed party. One TikToker took hers to the next level with a three-tiered cake highlighting some of the retailer's most iconic items, featuring everything from food court items to an extra-long receipt that cascades down the side. Whether you're in the market for a tattoo or this year's Halloween costume, look no further than your local Costco for inspiration.