You'll Soon Be Able To Ride A Gravy-Themed Roller Coaster

All aboard the gravy ... roller coaster? That's right, Indiana's Holiday World theme park is adding a gravy-themed ride to its line-up, giving Thanksgiving lovers a reason to rejoice. Dubbed "Good Gravy!," it will be the park's first family roller coaster. According to Holiday World's website, it's headed to the Thanksgiving section in May 2024. The area contains six other themed rides, including the Gobbler Getaway and the Turkey Whirl.

Good Gravy! is a 1,500-foot coaster with a 77-foot peak. Holiday World states the ride will take viewers up the peak, then backward, reaching a maximum speed of 37 mph. That puts a thrilling spin on Thanksgiving dinner, but it's probably best not to board this attraction with a full stomach. The site confirms that kids and adults can enjoy the gravy coaster, assuming they're at least 38 inches tall. It's a quick experience, clocking in at just over a minute. That's not very long, but given the speed, it sounds like riders could cover plenty of ground in that time.

Good Gravy! tasks riders with saving Thanksgiving

Holiday World's gravy-themed coaster goes all in on its concept, starting with its two-person coaches. These are shaped like gravy boats, and they'll take riders around the Thanksgiving table. This journey comes with an important goal: riders are tasked with saving Thanksgiving. This attraction is reportedly worth $10 million, so one might assume the gravy is in flavor and background.

Yes, there's a story behind Good Gravy!, and it all starts at Grandma Gracy's house. Grandma's out of gravy, so the coaster takes riders on a journey to "make" the beloved condiment. In doing so, they'll "dodge gigantic kitchen accessories and ingredients, including a chicken timer, whisk, rolling pin, Koch Dairy bottle, and a box of Ruth's Stuffing." It sounds like Holiday World's most unique ride, and the teaser images give off heavy Thanksgiving vibes.

Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without turkey and gravy, and Holiday World drives that point home. Its new addition will be seeking attention come 2024. How many people can say they've ridden a gravy-themed roller coaster?