McDonald's Cryptic Message Has Us Salivating For A New Menu Item

McDonald's has taken to social media to tease what is presumably its latest menu item, leaving fans desperate for more information regarding the cryptic message.

The tweet shared by the official McDonald's account features a brief video highlighting a number of famed McDonald's appearances throughout the history of television and film played on an old-school TV set. Sandwiched between images of static, there are mentions of McDonald's throughout the past several decades in "The Office," "Coming to America," "Seinfeld," "The Fifth Element," and more.

The best hint as to what may be coming, however, is the final, incredibly brief flash of the Disney+ series "Loki," which disappears in a blink — only for the video to end on a title card that reveals the date this new item (we presume?) is planned to be released to the public: August 14.

The brand then followed its initial tweet with an image again teasing the August 14 date (this time with text hovering over a paper bag) while advertising its mobile app. This ambiguous advertising has folks highly intrigued; there's no way to be sure what the fast food chain has planned, though some internet sleuths have already begun unraveling the mystery.

What could McDonald's be teasing?

At this time, the only way you might know what McDonald's has planned is to work at one of its more than 13,000 locations across the U.S. Though the user didn't spoil the surprise, one McDonald's employee responded to the tweet by saying, "oh my god i feel special knowing what it is because i work at mcdonald's and our handbook this month says what this is."

Others were left to speculate based on what little information is provided in the tweets. The leading theory seems to point to some kind of promotional tie-in meal or McDonald's menu item for the upcoming season of "Loki," which is set to premiere on Disney+ come October 6.

This theory stems largely from the incredibly brief clip of that series at the end of the video, which displays Tom Hiddleston's Loki inside a McDonald's, possibly intending to cause unmitigated chaos or scarf down a quick meal before tearing the fabric of the universe asunder. Though social media users were quick to suggest the cryptic message references a "Loki" meal, the brand has remained tight-lipped, offering a number of humorous but secretive responses to inquisitive fans.

For now, all we can do is wait until August 14 to find out more about the McMystery at hand.