Aldi's Strawberry Piñata Cake Was A Bite Of Celebration

Considering Aldi's constant stream of new products, it's inevitable that many products don't stick around indefinitely. Among our most fondly remembered discontinued Aldi products is the Belmont Strawberry Piñata Cake, advertised briefly in 2016 as the perfect dessert for Independence Day celebrations.

This festive dessert consisted of white cake, mousse, strawberry sauce, icing, and, best of all, an inner core of candy confetti. Costing approximately $5.49, the Piñata Cake offered only about eight servings, so it was certainly best suited to small gatherings.

Impressively enough, the cake boasted candies dyed with only plant extracts and no artificial food colorings or artificial flavors. Granted, one shopper described the cake to the Impulse Buy as looking "like it's throwing up confetti candy," but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it? We certainly don't think so, but it's impossible to say whether or not this influenced the dessert's short lifespan.

Aldi may not sell piñata cakes anymore, but you can make your own

Although Aldi has long since discontinued the Belmont Strawberry Piñata Cake, we don't have to live in a piñata-cake-less world. Instead, you can simply make your own at home, starting with a classic vanilla cake recipe. You'll want to make at least two round layers of cake. Once baked, carefully remove a circle of cake from the middle of each layer.

Between the first and second layers of cake, you can spread some strawberry sauce, be it homemade or store-bought. Next, add mousse, which you can make by pureeing strawberries with sugar, then mixing with whipped cream.

Place your second layer of cake on top and fill the middle with candies or sprinkles of your choosing. Cap the hole with a piece of the earlier-removed cake circles and get to frosting. If you so choose, you can also decorate your frosted cake with additional candies or sprinkles. Voila — homemade strawberry piñata cake. It may not be as pretty as the Aldi version, but it should still taste just as good.