Cocktail Bombs Are The Fizzy Alternative To Complicated Mixology

Cocktail bombs are a new way to add some flair to your drinks. No, we're not referring to the Molotov kind. But what exactly are they? Essentially, they're like bath bombs that you can consume, specially crafted for your favorite cocktails. Imagine your beloved Bloody Mary mix. Now, picture that mix in the form of a fizzy bomb. Typically, the ingredients may include dehydrated herbs, various flavorings, and spices. Chloé Di Leo created My Drink Bombs with inspiration from her children's bath bombs. 

Initially, they were crafted as nonalcoholic drink mixers to promote hydration, featuring flavors like sour apple, and watermelon. Later, it was discovered that they work just as splendidly in cocktails. The concept is the same as other bombs. You simply drop them into sparkling water or other carbonated liquid. Once your bomb has dissolved, add liquor, and you have your very own cocktail. Cocktail bombs also work in non-alcoholic beverages as a fun way to infuse your soda water, and they come in dozens of flavors, including Piña Colada and Spicy Margarita. 

How are cocktail bombs made?

If you're as captivated by cocktail bombs as we are, you're probably wondering if you can make these at home. You just need a few simple ingredients to get started. Grab some ultrafine cane sugar, baking soda, powdered sugar, and, of course, your desired cocktail mix-ins. Your cocktail mix-ins can include a multitude of flavors, ranging from fruit purees and herbs and spices to edible glitter and flowers. Combine the ingredients in a bowl, ensuring the mix is dry. It should resemble flour. If it's too wet, it won't hold together properly.

Next, shape the mixture into balls and let them dry for about 4 hours. Then, your fizzy wonders are good to go. With hundreds of recipes and combinations out there, the possibilities for cocktails are endless. The buzz around these bombs even inspired Instagrammer Camille Wilson (@thecocktailsnob) to create her version of the cocktail bomb using frozen juices and prosecco. 

This leaves us wondering, what will take on spherical form next? With everything from hot chocolate bombs to tea bombs and broth bombs, the possibilities are endless.