Mythical Kitchen's Blended Sandwich Goes Down Smoother Than Expected

Is there anything Mythical Kitchen won't try at least once? From sitting down with celebs like Post Malone and enjoying his hypothetical last meal to sampling the Cheetos and Drumstick ice cream collaboration, Mythical Kitchen is down for it all. If it sounds weird or unheard of, they've probably already tried it. Their latest experiment is truly a memorable one.

In a recent video uploaded to the Mythical Kitchen TikTok, Josh turns a classic Italian sub into something a lot less appetizing at first glance. The video starts out innocently, with Josh explaining that he wants to try out the new chopped Italian sub trend. He pours some oil and vinegar over the necessary ingredients — tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and deli meats. You might expect that he's just going to be making a sandwich at this point, but think again — anything is on the table with Mythical Kitchen. Josh's next step is to put all of the sandwich components in the food processor and blend them together.

Italian sub or pâté?

Josh starts the food processor and combines everything into a brown paste. He tells viewers that they should aim for a smooth consistency with no lumps before using a spatula to smooth the mixture onto a hoagie roll. Josh gives it a try and is seemingly surprised by how good it tastes. He even goes back to the food processor to grab more of the blended meat mixture.


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Josh compares this blended sandwich to a pâté, but could it really be classified as one? According to Food Network, pâté is a French dish made of meat and fat that is then baked in a small tray called a terrine. It can be served hot or cold. The key thing that differentiates the food-processed sandwich from a real pâté is that it isn't baked, and a traditional pâté also wouldn't have vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes in it. So, while it might look like pâté, Mythical Kitchen's newest creation would most definitely not pass as pâté in the eyes of the French. Regardless, the cosign means that this unique food prep trend might be one to jump on.