Costco's Kirkland Popcorn Is A Buttery Act II Copycat

With more and more movies going to streaming, families have turned to having movie nights indoors. However, people's love for popcorn as a cheap, easy-to-fix snack has not changed. If you have a large family, you may want to consider buying Costco's Kirkland Signature popcorn. Many find it a great alternative to popular name brands like Act II. In fact, some shoppers prefer it. 

Kickstarting in the 1990s, Costco sells a range of products under its Kirkland Signature brand, leading to a range of copycat products that many swear by. There's a good reason that Costco's products taste similar to its name-brand competition. The warehouse chain partners with the same manufacturers to produce its products. Whether this is true of Costco's popcorn and Act II is unknown; it's certainly possible the Kirkland signature popcorn is made by a major popcorn manufacturer.

Kirkland popcorn is perfect for families buying in bulk, as it comes with 44 bags. That's a whole lot of movie nights! In comparison, the smaller boxes of Act II contain just six packs. It's important to note that Kirkland costs $16 on average, while Act II costs only around $4. However, comparatively, you would spend around $29 to get 44 bags of Act II popcorn. When it comes to taste, shoppers notice some key differences.

Kirkland vs Act II

When it comes to Kirkland vs. Act II, some Costco shoppers believe Kirkland's popcorn to have its competitor beat in the first act. Okay, no more puns, but Redditors believe Kirkland popcorn to have higher-quality kernels. However, there are some drawbacks as well. As one Redditor wrote, "So it sounds like the consensus is that ACT II is more buttery, but Kirkland is more high quality." Others agreed with this assessment, with one writing, "Costco brand doesn't really have any butter at all."

As some Reddit shoppers noted, this appears to be an easy fix if you still prefer the texture of the Kirkland popcorn. All you need is to add some butter to the bag once you've heated your popcorn, and you can season to your heart's content. You can always just microwave a stick of butter for convenience. However, you can buy liquid butter on Amazon as well. 

The other major consideration is the variety of flavors. Act II has more flavors available than Kirkland, available in everything from hot and spicy to extreme butter. Popcorn seasoning exists in stores and places like Amazon that can transform standard popcorn into any flavor you wish. Likewise, you could try sauces like sriracha to give your popcorn an extra kick. When buying popcorn, Costco appears to have a worthy alternative.