Buc-Ee's Refill Hack Is Almost Too Good To Be True

Buc-ee's is widely regarded across the American South as more than just a convenience store, gas station, and place to refuel your fully electric vehicle. Many Southerners extend a great deal of brand loyalty to the beaver-mascot chain, and with good reason. According to a viral TikTok, Buc-ee's offers their consumers the option of refilling nearly any container imaginable with their fountain soda for the staggeringly low price of 69 cents.


Huge Refill at Bucees Food Hacks

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The hack relies on Buc-ee's standard practice of 69-cent refills of their fountain drinks, but with a massive twist. Apparently, the store's policy allows consumers to fill any container for the base price as long as the container is "washable." The TikToker in the viral video, who sports an official Buc-ee's logo tank top, fills a half-gallon beverage bag from Kentucky Fried Chicken, before suggesting to his viewers that they try alternate methods of getting the enormous quantity of soda at the deeply inexpensive price point.

Buc-ee's consumers have gotten very creative with the hack

While the original video advocates for soda quantities by the gallon or half-gallon, some commenters have considered even bigger options to get the most carbonated bang for their buck. "So your telling me I can get the biggest Home Depot bucket and fill it up with soda" one commenter queried, while another offered the prompt, "5 gallon with a funnel?" Others still considered the risk vs. reward factors for purchasing such massive quantities of soda, stating "Why do you need all that soda?" and, "Isn't a 2L bottle of soda the same price as a large bottle of water?"

The wording of the Buc-ee's policy does seem a bit nebulous and left up to interpretation, as most non-disposable containers are washable in some way or another. Realistically, the distinction between what is technically sanitary to drink from likely falls on the individual employees and locations of the convenience chain, meaning soda fanatics should probably stick to standard beverage vessels to be safe. Alternatively, you can purchase one of Buc-ee's 17-ounce travel mugs and get refills for free. While this doesn't award you multiple gallons of syrupy goodness, it does save additional money in the long run (and is good for the environment).