Mashed Survey Uncovers Fans' Least Favorite Way To Make Coffee

Coffee is all about personal preference. When it comes to making your morning cup of Java, many factors go into the decision besides how it tastes. For example, it may depend on how much time you have, how many cups you plan on making, and whether you like to drink your Joe on the go. In our exclusive survey, Mashed asked coffee drinkers about their favorite ways to brew coffee or espresso. The award for the most popular method for brewing coffee, unsurprisingly, goes to Keurig or the drip method favored by a whopping 54% of respondents. The French press comes in second place with 18%, followed by coffee brewed in a percolator with 12%. Pour-over coffee is next in line at 11%.

None of these results were surprising, but which method is the least favorite? That title goes to Instagram's famous moka pot, which came in with only 5% of the vote. It seems that despite this unique method's social media popularity, it's not actually the best way to make your morning coffee, or at the very least, most people aren't using it as often as other methods. 

Why the moka pot ranked so low

Fans of the moka part are in the minority, and there are likely a few reasons why. A moka pot is like a simpler, more streamlined espresso maker that brews a strong, bold cup of coffee in minutes, all with a small, portable machine. The moka pot has its advantages, not the least of which is its chic aesthetic, which is likely why this method went viral. Still, our survey proves that just because something is popular on social media doesn't mean it beats the tried and true.

The moka pot likely ranked so low because it requires a bit more focus and measuring than other methods. It's clear simplicity is a factor since the moka pot requires measuring coffee and water each time as opposed to the Keurig. You also need the stove to use your moka pot, which makes on-the-go brewing out of the question while also adding more steps to the process. Lastly, the moka pot can be more difficult to clean, which might dissuade some. Ultimately, the French press is quicker, more convenient, and tends to produce a more flavorful cup than the moka pot.