Skippy's Girl Scout Cookies Snacks Have Us Asking: Does The Money Still Go To The Kids?

There's never been a better time for loyal fans of Girl Scout Cookies. There's a new specially-licensed Girl Scouts product scheduled to grace the shelves of major retailers nationwide starting as soon as October: Skippy P.B. Bites featuring Girl Scout Cookie-inspired flavors. Customers can expect to see flavors that speak to three favorites, including Tagalongs (peanut butter patties), Samoas (Caramel deLites), and Adventurefuls.

Like other kinds of Skippy P.B. Bites, these feature a crunchy cookie center and a non-sticky peanut butter or chocolate coating, according to a press release received by Mashed. First up is chocolate peanut butter, with a vanilla cookie center that's coated in Skippy peanut butter followed by a layer of milk chocolate. Next is coconut caramel, with a chocolate cookie center encased in coconut and caramel peanut butter then finished with toasted coconut flakes. Finally, the Adventurefuls are made with a chocolate cookie center enveloped in a peanut butter coating with hints of caramel then tossed with sea salt and brownie dust.

With these chocolate-peanut butter treats, you might find yourself wondering, "What about the Girl Scouts?" Rest assured, they benefit from this product roll-out, too. 

Where do the proceeds go?

If you take Girl Scout Cookies back to its core, it's all about giving participating kids an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship. The money raised from cookie sales goes to their local council, which can then provide programming to troops so the children can learn life skills such as leadership. While the money from cookie sales stays local, the national-level Girl Scouts of the USA profits from these larger brand deals.

Girl Scouts of the USA controls the Girl Scout trademark. So, when you see cookie-inspired ice cream at the supermarket or bags of Skippy P.B. Bites at your go-to convenience store, you can rest assured that a portion of the proceeds goes back to the national office. Those royalties are then used to fund additional programs and opportunities for Girl Scouts on a national level. These include science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), outdoor adventure, entrepreneurship, and other confidence-building exercises.

Indeed, when you see Skippy peanut butter's new Girl Scout product hit shelves in October (or other, similar products throughout the year), know that you can still support the youths while getting a new way to enjoy familiar flavors.