Which Cut Of Meat Is Used In A Steakburger?

Within the world of burgers, few creations are more contentious than the steakburger. Is it just a type of smash burger that's been pressed thin during the cooking process? What cut of meat does the steakburger use? It depends on who you ask and who's wielding the spatula in the kitchen. 

Take Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. This chain makes its crispy, thin patties with premium beef, although it doesn't specify exactly what cuts it uses. For most of the hungry masses, that description will suffice. But for steakburger aficionados, a steakburger has to be more than just a smash burger, even if the beef is premium. 

For many, steakburgers should simply be made from steak. While you're unlikely to easily find a steakburger made from Wagyu beef, many choose other premium cuts to create their burgers. like New York strip, tenderloin, and sirloin. The truth is that you can turn nearly any cut of steak into a steakburger, so even ribeyes and T-bones are fair game. However, you may still want to rethink your definition of a steakburger. 

How to prepare a steakburger

You're unlikely to find something like a Wagyu steakburger because many chefs can't bear the thought of grinding up a high-quality piece of meat. Often, hamburger meat uses tougher pieces of the cow that may be harder to chew whole. This is what makes steakburgers such a peculiarity, as the dish attempts to elevate the common burger by including higher-quality cuts in the mix. 

However, you shouldn't consider that chopped-up T-bone as wasted meat just because it's now in burger form. Steakburgers are popular for a reason, even outside of chains like Freddy's or Steak 'n Shake. Steakburgers provide a bolder experience and are a hit with meat lovers because they offer a dense, extra-savory burger.

Making a steakburger patty is a fairly simple process. Take a cut of your choice and grind it fine, then form your patties and cook. You can either prepare it as a smashburger or create a more typical patty — both are considered steakburgers.