KFC's Chizza Menu Item Was Ahead Of Its Time

You have to hand it to KFC — the company certainly doesn't rest on its laurels of basic fried chicken, instead thinking outside of the box and developing revolutionary menu items like the donut sandwich and the controversial Double Down. While the American menu is sometimes radical, there are plenty of international KFC menu items you won't find in the U.S. Ranked among them is KFC's ode to pizza — the Chizza. 

With KFC's parent company Yum Brands also owning Pizza Hut, you may have thought this combo was a long time coming, but the Chizza isn't a traditional pizza that happens to feature the Colonel's signature fried chicken. Instead, the Chizza is a flat piece of fried chicken smothered in cheese, sauce, and a variety of toppings. The chain first introduced the Chizza at its locations in the Philippines in 2015, but it wasn't long before it spread to other countries including Japan and Singapore. The toppings varied across markets ranging from pepperoni and pineapple to peppers, onions, and chicken ham. There was even a version with jalapeños. 

The KFC menu item sounds perfect for those who want a saucy snack that's easy to hold. In many ways, it's cutting-edge in its combo of both fried chicken and pizza (two fast food staples) into an easy-to-hold snack. Unfortunately, it may have been just a little too revolutionary at the time of its release. 

Mixed reviews and a second chance

Despite pleas to the chain, KFC has kept its chicken pizza from consumers in America marking it as one of the chain's biggest flops. Internationally, the menu item received a frosty reception with some reviews bashing the Chizza as not living up to its expectations or matching its advertisements. The Chizza also had its fans, however, with one blogger writing, "The tomato sauce was rich and benefited from a liberal smattering of onions. The chicken itself was the star though — fresh, juicy, and oh so crunchy," while other reviews praised the item's ingenuity. Ultimately, KFC shelved the Chizza in some markets, including India.

If the Chizza was too far ahead of its time in the late 2010s, perhaps the time is ripe for the Chizza's triumphant relaunch where it previously floundered. KFC brought the Chizza back for another helping in India in early 2023. If the company is smart, it may also finally listen to U.S. consumers and put the Chizza into American hands where pizza and strange combinations are both cultural staples. It will need to hurry, though, because the Chizza isn't the only chicken pizza on the block.

While KFC has overlooked the opportunity to bring the Chizza to America, New York City restaurant Quality Italian stepped in and offers what they call a Chicken Parm Pizza for Two, which — you guessed it — is almost identical in concept to KFC's Chizza. It's time, KFC. We're ready.