Yelp Reviews For Kitchen Nightmares' Bask 46 Are Unexpectedly Positive

After an almost decade-long hiatus, Gordon Ramsay's massively popular show "Kitchen Nightmares" has returned. In the previous seasons, we've seen some absolutely horrific restaurants complete with rotten food and pest infestations. In the newest season, viewers were introduced to the restaurant Bask 46. The restaurant had only been open for six months when the overwhelmed owners called Ramsay in for help. In the episode, the issues seemed to range from poor food quality to a disastrous owner-and-chef relationship. But, if you look at Yelp reviews for the New Jersey-based restaurant, you'll get a different and shockingly positive picture. 

Currently, Bask 46 has a 4/5 star rating on the restaurant review website. It has a few negative reviews like most restaurants, but not many. Some reviewers even positively rated some items that Gordon Ramsay tried and detested, such as the cheesesteak egg rolls. Compared to the restaurant featured in the reboot's premiere, Bel Aire Diner, which has over 130 one-star reviews, Bask 46 comes off looking relatively successful.

A nightmare no more

One four-star review from May 2023 raves, "Filet cooked to order and deliciously-seasoned, in-season asparagus perfectly matched its plate's green flecks and delicious mashed-with-skin potatoes." Another reviewer wrote in the same month that the restaurant's Adult Grilled Cheese was, "literally the best grilled cheese sandwich" they'd had in their entire life. 

With such decent ratings, it makes sense to wonder if the show was actually a kitchen nightmare or just a decent but struggling restaurant. It's always hard to judge, but it should be noted that there are currently very few reviews for the restaurant, making it difficult to average out. Perhaps most notably, several of the positive reviews came after Ramsay had spent time in the restaurant, and others even still after the episode premiered in early October 2023 when we learned that head chef Bobby Fortunato had left his position at the restaurant. Fortunato and Ramsay clashed majorly throughout the episode. According to the episode update, the former didn't show up to work after the film crews left. Perhaps this personnel change is responsible for the restaurant's latest reviews.