Costco's Thanksgiving Dinner Feast Has Arrived, But You Have To Act Fast

You've probably heard of Sunday scaries, but what about Thanksgiving scaries? Okay, you probably haven't actually heard of those because we just made them up, but we're willing to bet you know exactly what we're talking about. Thanksgiving scaries are those feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness that many of us start feeling days and even weeks before the holiday.

People experience these feelings for a number of reasons, but they're most commonly felt amongst those who bravely offer to host friends and family for the annual feast. This, of course, means cooking and cleaning for days on end, which, according to a 2022 survey conducted by TODAY, are two of the biggest stressors surrounding Turkey Day.

Following all of the tips for a low-stress Thanksgiving might help quell some of those anxieties. However, if you really want to ditch those feelings of dread, passing off the job of preparing the entire T-day meal could be your best bet, and this year, Costco members can turn to the big box retailer for exactly that. The beloved grocer is offering cardholders the chance to have an entire Thanksgiving dinner featuring the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, side dishes, and desserts delivered directly to their doors this year –- though there is a bit of a catch. Those hoping to dine on Costco's $199.99 Fortune Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner will need to head to the warehouse's website and place their orders by November 5 to ensure delivery between November 8 and 17.

Here's what you get with Costco's Fortune Gourmet Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving might be the last thing on everybody's mind right now, but Costco members will need to act fast if they want to ditch some of those Turkey Day scaries in favor of the chain's new Fortune Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner, which retails for $199.99 including shipping and handling.

This may mean having to quickly cope with the idea of leaving behind some of your family's T-day meal traditions, such as your great-great-grandmother's sweet potato casserole. However, the kit does come with several of the classic fixins of a Turkey Day feast, starting with a five-pound turkey breast that comes pre-brined and ready to pop right into the oven. You also get trays of macaroni and cheese, stuffing, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and dinner rolls, all of which can be stored in your freezer until you're ready to cook on the big day. That's not all: These kits also come with whole 8-inch apple and pumpkin pies, so all you're really left to prepare are appetizers and drinks.

Costco's Thanksgiving meal kit is marketed to be enough for eight people. However, there does not appear to be a limit on the number of meals one person can purchase. If your guest count is in the double digits, or you simply want to ensure that you'll have plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers, you're free to order as many as you'd like.