TikTok's Hardware Hack For Opening Wine Is Giving Us College Flashbacks

If you're lucky, you've never had that horrible moment of realization when all you're craving is a glass of wine, but you open your cabinet and find it's lacking the one thing you need — a bottle opener or corkscrew. Adults who drink wine every day — or at least regularly — probably don't have this problem, but if you were among the many college students who smuggled alcohol into their dorms, you might not have always remembered that getting to the wine means getting through the cork.

Fortunately, one user on TikTok has the perfect hardware hack for opening your wine bottle and putting those college flashbacks to bed — all you need is a screw, a screwdriver, and a hammer. This hack from user @flvshysoundz involves twisting the screw into the cork and then using the pronged end of the hammer to pry the cork out using the screw as leverage. The video's comment section is singing the hack's praises and sharing how well it worked when they tried it out themselves, so you're clearly not alone if you've ever found yourself frantically searching for a way to open your wine.

What if screws and a hammer aren't an option, either?

The likelihood that you would have screws and a hammer but not a corkscrew seems small, but if you do happen to find yourself without any of the above, there are other ways to open wine without an opener. Although the method isn't super refined, pushing the cork down into the body of the wine bottle is always an option. Just keep in mind that if you do this, you'll have to contend with potentially sipping on bits of cork as well. There are also methods online that involve using your shoe, your keys, or even a bicycle pump.


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As for riskier methods, one Redditor suggested sticking a serrated knife into the cork and then slowly twisting it out. While this could work in theory, using a sharp knife to open wine also opens you up to a whole world of other problems, all of them bigger than not having a glass of wine after dinner. Obviously, the easiest solution for this issue is to purchase a corkscrew, but if you want to be transported back to your dorm room for a night, one of these MacGyvered methods is bound to do the trick.