Shake Shack Boldly Adds 'Trolls Hair' To A Fan Favorite Holiday Drink

Three years after "Trolls World Tour" premiered, followers of Poppy, Branch, and the rest of the "Trolls" gang are counting down the days until "Trolls Band Together" is released in theaters. The colorful, singing creatures can seemingly also count Shake Shack as a fan, as the fast food chain announced the arrival of limited-time shakes inspired by the lovable characters at a recent press event.

The arguable showstopper is Poppy's Sugar Cookie Shake, priced at $7.49. Made with sugar cookie frozen custard and cookie dough popping candy, it's topped with pink and blue cotton candy "Trolls hair" piled on top of its whipped cream. According to a Mashed employee who attended the event, the popping candy is coated in a cookie-flavored fudge.

Branch's Chocolate Peppermint Shake is mint fudge mixed with vanilla and chocolate frozen custard. It's then finished with whipped cream and mint candy crunch. Viva's Cinnamon Roll Shake is cinnamon roll frozen custard with gold, cinnamon roll-flavored frosting. Atop the whipped cream is a sprinkle of gold confetti. Both shakes start at $7.29. In addition to the regular shake size, all three shakes will also be available in mini, 8-ounce sizes.

For those who live in the Los Angeles area, the West Hollywood Shack will have an added "Trolls" theme in-store. Diners can listen to music from the new film, take part in giveaways, and enjoy the "Trolls" characters hanging out on the restaurant's rooftop.

This is Shake Shack's second film collaboration in 2023

This isn't the first time Shake Shack has participated in a film promotion. Earlier this year, the company teamed up with Nintendo and Illumination to offer the Shroom Burger and Gold Star Shake to promote "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." Just as the company is doing with its West Hollywood Shack, its Brooklyn DUMBO Shack was the focus of an in-store experience that offered guests the chance to win film tickets, Mario- and Luigi-themed backpacks, hats, and shirts, as well as enjoy an immersive event with music and film clips. While the Brooklyn event was M.C.'d by Chance the Rapper, there's no word yet on who may be hosting the West Hollywood event.

While Shake Shack's fries are considered some of the best fast food fries out there, its shakes have also become somewhat legendary. The company's website claims each shake is made of hand-spun custard made with cage-free eggs.

Shake Shack is also participating in DreamWorks Animation's TrollsFest from November 3 to 5. The three-day event will focus on Justin Timberlake and his character Branch's band, the BroZone. Guests attending will be able to try Shake Shack's Trolls-themed shakes and win tickets to see the film.