Cold-Cheese Pizza: The Cool New York Take On 'Za

While there are certain things you should know before eating leftover pizza (like if it's still good), grabbing a cold slice from the fridge is a delicious if slightly polarizing way to eat old 'za. However, it's actually not the only method of enjoying cold cheese pizza. Popular pizza toppings include, of course, various meats, veggies, and even pineapple, but sprinkling some grated parmesan cheese onto a slice is usually the extent of the dairy that's added to an already-cooked pie. That is, unless you have visited Tino's Pizza in Oneonta, New York, where a handful of cold shredded mozzarella is commonly thrown on top of cooked pizza.

The phenomenon of fresh cold-cheese pizza started in this New York college town in the '80s when a regular slice of hot cheese pizza was immediately topped with a large mound of cold cheese in order to cool the slice down for the hungry customers. This method was born out of necessity, because the hot pizzas were selling so quickly and customers didn't want to wait for them to cool. This led restaurant owner Tino Garufi's father to make the split-second decision that revolutionized their pizza. "My father, I guess, decided to throw some cold mozzarella on top of a slice, and then all of a sudden ... it just took off," Garufi told InsideHook.

Cold cheese on pizza is a must-try

Pizza is a universally loved food that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Interestingly, the real reason cold pizza tastes so good is due to the dilution of flavors that happens as the pizza chills. That effect moves to a new level when you have the strong flavors of garlic and herbs from a hot pizza slice juxtaposed against cold, creamy mozzarella shreds on top. It's a surprising elevation that strikes the perfect balance. While the uniqueness of this cold cheese on hot pizza creation may be a rare commodity for people to enjoy, Tino's Pizza in Oneonta is not the only place to sell this. You can find a cold cheese slice at Little Vincent's in Huntington, New York, or Beto's in Pittsburgh. Customers even took to Little Vincent's Instagram to rave about their cold pizza slices, with one user saying, "That cold cheese is such a game changer," and others referring to it simply as "the best."

With so much hype around cold cheese pizza, it's understandable to have your curiosity sparked. If you aren't near a pizzeria that sells this masterpiece already, you can try asking if it's possible to customize your order to add some shredded cheese on top. Alternatively, you could order cold cheese on the side and top each slice yourself. You can also try making this cold cheese pizza at home, since it's relatively simple and adds a fun twist to your pizza night.