The McDonald's McNugget Dunker Toy That Didn't Need To Exist

Few childhood sensations were more exciting than breaking open the top of your McDonald's Happy Meal and digging past your cheeseburger and fries to see which toy was included with your meal. Even so, you may recall Mickey D's handing out a handful of strange goodies over the years; remember when toothbrushes were the special prize in 1989? Or how about when the chain handed out Ronald McDonald glove puppets that were equal parts hilarious and terrifying?

In 2017, the Golden Arches handed out another gadget that, to this day, still has a few people scratching their heads, though it wasn't a Happy Meal toy geared specifically toward children. That year, in celebration of McDonald's partnership with UberEATS, the restaurant rolled out a merch line known as the McDelivery collection on Global McDelivery Day. This collection included the McDonald's McNugget dunker, which did precisely what it said on the tin.

Customers needed only to load up the chamber on top of the red-and-yellow gizmo with a piece of chicken and place their McDonald's dipping sauce of choice in the allocated spot underneath. Then, when they were ready for a bite, they would simply pull out a trap door from beneath the nugget, sending it directly into the sauce below.

McDonald's McNugget dunkers don't come cheap

McDonald's McNugget dunker is either genius or absurd, and many people are leaning toward the latter. Given that the apparatus was rolled out alongside an entire collection of free limited-edition McDonald's gear that included unique hoodies, pillowcases, and even a Big Mac onesie, some people felt ripped off by the plastic toy that did the work of their own hands. Furthermore, the McNugget dunker didn't factor in that some Mickey D's fans enjoy dipping their chicken in two different sauces before taking a bite.

Still, a few people were amused by the contraption, including TikTok user @toondesk. "Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking: 'Why not just use your hands to dunk a Chicken McNugget,' right?" they said in a video while demonstrating how to use the device. "But my answer is: Where's the fun in that?" In another video, the TikToker even offered another use for the toy: dunking Oreos in milk.

Whether you want to try the toy with cookies or chicken nuggets, the good news is that you can — although there is a bit of a catch. You'll have to shell out a pretty penny for one, as eBay listings for McNugget dunkers currently start around $58.