Wendy's Gets Festive With 12 Days Of Holiday Deals

Any fast food connoisseur knows that Wendy's is pretty cheap compared to most other quick-service establishments, but this holiday season, the restaurant is apparently going even easier on customers' wallets. Per a press release, the fast food chain is giving fans 12 Days of Holiday Offers. Each day from December 9 to 20, Wendy's will offer a deal on a different menu item. On all but one day, that deal will get you a fan-favorite item for free.

The chain recently unveiled its Wendy's 2023 Unwrapped, a play on Spotify's popular yearly personal round-up, Spotify Wrapped. Wendy's 2023 Unwrapped has revealed the restaurant's most popular menu items, and it's clear that fans' preferences were taken into consideration when items were selected for the 12 Days of Holiday Offers. To snag these offers, all you have to do is head to the Wendy's app Reward Store or visit the chain's website. Go to the "Offers" section and use the daily deal on a mobile order, online order, or digital card. If you opt for the digital card, you can scan it in person at your Wendy's drive-thru or inside when you order.

Inside Wendy's 12 Days of Holiday Offers

Wendy's has laid out its 12 Days of Holiday Offers schedule, so you can plan exactly which days you'll want to hit the drive-thru. On December 9, you can get a free Dave's Single, while December 10's deal is a free Breakfast Baconator. On December 11, you can score a free Small Frosty Cream Cold Brew, and December 12 can get you 50% off a Taco Salad. For your first meal of the day on December 13, you can get a free Breakfast Croissant Sandwich. Get a free Crispy Chicken Sandwich on December 14, a free Small Seasoned Potatoes on December 15, and a free Small Frosty on December 16.

The week before Christmas is one of the busiest, so if you want help staying on top of your to-do list, you can get free fries of any size on December 17, a free Junior Bacon Cheeseburger on December 18, a free Small Chili on December 19, and for the final day, four free French Toast Sticks. Many of these items were among Wendy's biggest sellers this year, so no matter which one is your go-to, there's a day when you can get it for less. Keep in mind, though, that you have to order something else on Wendy's menu to access each of these freebies.