Go On A Wine Adventure With Costco's Mind-Blowing 24-Bottle Pack

Regardless of the time of year, you can save money on wine at Costco. Recently, the wholesale store brought its members an even better deal than before. Costco is offering 24 half-bottle packs of wine for just $74.99. To save you a little mental math, that means that each bottle costs around $3. Each bottle is 375 ml of wine. For reference, a standard-size bottle is 750 ml. It'd be tough to find a more reasonably priced bottle of wine than that, and in the middle of the holidays, many of us find ourselves needing to pick up more bottles than we normally do or searching for last-minute gifts. Either way, this might be a worthy investment.

If you're a Costco fan, then you won't be surprised to hear that these packs aren't just a good deal; They're also carefully curated. The packs come in two themes: "Take a Wine Adventure" and "Around the World in 24 Wines." You can also opt for a half-sized pack with "Around the World in 12 Wines."

What's inside the 24 pack of wine?

If you've ever found yourself at a loss when it comes time to pick the best wine from Costco, these packs take out the guesswork. "Around the World in 24 Wines" provides a perfect selection of different styles from around the globe. Throughout your worldwide exploration of wines, you'll try a Merlot, Red Blend, and Southern French Rosé from France, a Red Blend and White from Portugal, a Red and Chenin Blanc from South Africa, a Garnacha, White Blend, and Macabeo from Spain, as well as a Pinot Grigio, a Red Blend, a Montepulciano, two Italian Reds, a Famoso, and a Rosé from Italy, just to name a few. 

The "Take a Wine Adventure" pack is organized like an advent calendar, allowing you to pick a surprise wine for each of 24 days. No spoilers, but rest assured, this collection from around the world will also give you a well-rounded and varied array of wines that alternate between red, white, and rosé. Whichever pack you choose, you'll be in for plenty of new flavors, and you may discover your new favorite wine.