How To Order Extra-Crispy Chicken Nuggets At McDonald's

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are famous for a reason. Still, if you've ever wished that your order of McNuggets was just a bit crispier, you're not alone. Crispiness is almost as important a component of chicken nuggets as the chicken itself, so there's a good reason why we want the maximum crispiness in every bite we take. Interestingly, there's a way to ensure this every time you order at McDonald's. 

To get your McDonald's McNuggets extra crispy, simply ask for them extra crispy. We're used to McDonald's food having a standard that we're all familiar with, so can you really just ask them to cook things differently? It turns out that you can, and it might just give you the best chicken nuggets you've ever eaten. The desire for extra crispy chicken nuggets is so common that it's taken TikTok by storm. Many content creators have tested the "extra-crispy" request on camera to prove the ease and success of making the simple distinction when ordering. One creator even said, "These might be the best nuggets I've ever had at McDonald's" (via TikTok).

Yes, this McNuggets special order works (and they really are crispier)

Many creators have tested the ordering method, so we can confidently say "extra-crispy" at the drive-thru. Overwhelmingly, they've confirmed that the request does yield crispier results. The nuggets look crispier, and they also produce a loud crunch when you take that first bite — a trait that McDonald's chicken McNuggets fans know is far from guaranteed with every order.


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Yes, this does make for an overall better batch of nuggets. TikTok foodie Kevin Uznanski is one of the TikTokers who tried the crispier nuggets and said that folks attempting this method were "onto something." It's worth noting that unlike some of the other creators who requested extra-crispy nuggets, Uznanski used the term "well done," and his video shows this phrase on the screen after ordering. The video's top comment raised concern that requesting extra-crispy or well-done McNuggets will get you an order of nuggets that have been placed back in the fryer after being fully fried. While this may give some McDonald's fans the "ick," for others, it doesn't matter how they crisp up your nuggets so long as you get that coveted crunch.