The Best New Food Gadgets From CES 2024

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is one of the biggest technology events in the world. The Consumer Technology Association's annual showcase presents the newest upcoming technologies in all areas. If you want to take a look into the future, this event is the place to be. The 2024 event hosted over 4,000 presenters, which included upwards of 1,200 startups. Over 130,000 guests attended the event to see what's headed our way in terms of tech, and of course, Mashed was front and center to see what technology will soon be changing the way people prepare and enjoy food.

This year, Mashed awarded four up-and-coming pieces of tech that we think are most likely to change the culinary world as we know it. From using A.I. to improve your grilling experience to an air fryer that can help anyone cook anything, these appliances are all very different but are sure to be highly anticipated. Mashed gave the Innovation Award to two particularly pioneering gadgets, while two others claimed our Best of CES 2024 title. Ready to see what could be on your kitchen wishlist in no time? Here are our favorite new food gadgets from CES 2024.

Seergrills Perfecta

Are you using A.I. in your kitchen yet? Well, believe it or not, this just might be the biggest grilling mistake you can make. The Seergrills Perfecta is an A.I.-powered grill that claims to help you cook your food perfectly with a simple touchscreen. If this sounds too good to be true, then you probably support our choice to give the Seergrills Perfecta our Innovation Award.

With its smart sensors and pulsing infrared burners, the gadget can sense when your food is perfectly cooked. When this occurs, it shuts off automatically. Of course, what "perfectly cooked" means is entirely up to you. You can customize your grill to achieve your preferred level of doneness. This removes a lot of guesswork and room for error from the typical grilling experience but beyond that, it's purportedly much faster. The technology claims to cut down on how long it takes you to grill your favorites by 90%.

Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Ever since the air fryer was invented, it has completely revolutionized the way people make their food. Now, the brand Dreo is completely revolutionizing the way people use their air fryers, so it's no wonder that the Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer also earned Mashed's Innovation Award. Like a standard air fryer, the ChefMaker can act as a convection oven, but what makes this particular countertop appliance innovative is just how much further it can go. This gadget is touted as being able to cook just about anything.

Dreo's patented CombiCook technology heats the ChefMaker's contents in stages, so it's basically a single appliance that does all your other appliances' jobs at once. Of course, to achieve this, it needs some extras. It has a 5.6-inch display (which allows you to customize your cooking), a cooking probe to help you achieve the perfect temperature, a built-in atomizer, a water tank, and an app that can make your ChefMaker even easier to use. If you're overwhelmed by all that this appliance has to offer, there's no need to worry — it also has three different modes that will help you cook your food to perfection, no matter how skilled (or unskilled) you are in the kitchen.

Bunafr Roaster

Soon enough, once 5 p.m. hits each day, people will be able to brew their own beer at home. But what will give people their perfect pick-me-up first thing in the morning? The answer is the Bunafr Roaster, which earned one of Mashed's Best of CES 2024 Award. This gadget allows you to roast your coffee beans in the comfort of your own home. The goal of this roaster is to help you make a perfectly customized cup of joe, but perhaps it will also save you money in the long run.

Bunafr offers a wide variety of green coffee beans that you can roast on your own by pushing a single button. All you have to do is order your beans (which will be delivered directly to you), choose your ideal roasting level, and grind your beans. With this gadget, you'll be ready to brew a cup of coffee that's more specifically tailored to your tastes than ever before. And, of course, this coffee will be just as fresh as what you get from your local coffee shop. You can even sync this roaster up with your Alexa or Google Smart Speakers.

Exobrew Gen 3

Have you ever wanted to make beer with the push of a button? If so, then your future is looking particularly bright — and extra bubbly. The Exobrew Gen 3 is here to help people brew from the comfort of their own homes; hence, it also received Mashed's Best of CES 2024 Award. Yes — beer brewing is one of the factors that makes the Exobrew Gen 3 particularly unique and exciting, but you can also use this appliance to brew cider, kombucha, and other non-alcoholic bubbly options.

No matter what kind of beer you prefer, the Exobrew Gen 3 can make it. It comes with tons of recipes to ensure that you always have your beer of choice on hand, and you can whip up a whopping 1.6 gallons in as little as three days. Of course, the flexibility, ease, and creativity that come along with being able to brew your own beer are enough reasons to have your eye on this technology, but its positive effects go further still. The minds behind the Exobrew Gen 3 hope that the gadget will reduce the amount of bottles and cans beer drinkers use. And it won't just be better for the environment than traditional beer if things go as hoped. You'll also have the ultimate control over what goes into your brew, and it will always be fresh.