Costco Fans Have A New Favorite Bakery Cookie

Those who have visited a Costco bakery are no doubt aware of its appeal, whether it's the satisfaction of snagging Costco's famous pumpkin pies or buying a dozen chocolate chip cookies. The warehouse giant has figured out how to draw in customers with its affordable variety of bakery goods. After Costco's white chocolate and cranberry bark struck a chord with customers in the fall of 2023, it should come as no surprise that this enticing flavor combo is the focus of the chain's newest treat. Many people adore the duo because the tart cranberry balances the super-sweet white chocolate. In Costco's white chocolate cranberry cookies, the chocolate also helps give them a smooth, buttery taste.

It's unclear when these cookies were first released, but TikTok user @costcoaisle was seemingly one of the first to post about them. They found the cookies at their Shoreline, Washington, Costco on January 27, while Instagram account @costcohotfinds found them at their local store on February 4. This user even provided "a trick to get that right-out-of-the-oven taste and feel," which was to microwave the cookie for 15 seconds. "So soft that they literally melted in my hands," they proclaimed while eating the crumbly treat. One person who tried the hack agreed, commenting, "Warming them up makes them so much better."

Some prefer these to Costco's chocolate chip cookies

Since white chocolate doesn't have the velvety richness of milk and dark chocolate, its pairs well with myriad fruits, such as tart cranberries. This is truly a great combo if you're looking for something a bit more exciting than a chocolate chip cookie. Costco's new treats have many admirers on social media, giving the chain a not-so-subtle hint as to the popularity of the flavor mix. "They are really good, way better than the chocolate chip!" one Reddit user wrote. "Just tried them out tonight, so good! My new favorite Costco bakery cookie," wrote another.

At $9.99, a 24-pack of Costco's new soft-baked white chocolate cranberry cookies breaks down to around $0.42 a cookie, which should make you feel better about sharing them with others, such as for Valentine's Day. For those who don't want to share but also don't want their cookies to get hard and stale, one Reddit user shared an easy solution: "Putting a piece of bread in the container with them is an OG trick," they wrote, while also suggesting putting the cookies in a more tightly sealed vessel. This trick can also be used to soften up your cookies if they've already gotten crunchy.