Super Bowl Overtime Means Free Buffalo Wild Wings

Super Bowl LVIII went into overtime on February 11, 2024 — and for hungry Americans, that means free wings! In a tradition started in 2018, Buffalo Wild Wings brought back its "overtime button," meaning that, if the game went into overtime, every American would be eligible for one free six-piece order of boneless or traditional wings. 

It might sound like Buffalo Wild Wings bit off way more than it could chew by offering to give free food to a nation of people. However, much like a successful quarterback-receiver duo, there's a catch involved. This one won't put a smile on Patrick Mahomes' face like the catch that scored him his third Super Bowl win, though. 

The window of opportunity is limited. Fans can redeem their free wings on Monday, February 26, from 2-5 p.m. They'll also have to dine at a B-Dubs location or pick up a takeout order themselves. So, if you were hoping a Mahomes-like employee could just throw the wings to your house like a tasty Hail Mary pass, you're out of luck, just like the 49ers.