Post Malone's Bud Light Super Bowl 2024 Commercial Is Deeper Than You Might Think

Taylor Swift and Usher aren't the only singers stealing the show at tonight's big game. Not only did Grammy-nominated rapper and musician Post Malone kick off Super Bowl LVIII with a moving rendition of "America the Beautiful," but he also appears in a hilarious Bud Light commercial that may actually be just as heartfelt.

In the commercial, which follows a group of friends on a wild night out courtesy of the "Bud Light genie," Posty posts up at a bar, followed by a house party (complete with a gate-crashing T-Rex), pumping up the energy with an ever-present bottle of Bud Light in hand. And while it may just seem like your typical Super Bowl beer ad, the star's link to the brand runs deeper than a one-off celebrity endorsement. In fact, this is Post Malone's third consecutive year starring in a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light, and, as he recently told Billboard, he's long had an emotional connection to the beverage.

In an interview with the publication, the singer reminisced about the first time he tried Bud Light (at the legal age of 21, of course). He explains that after cracking one open, "I was like, 'You know what? This is my deal. It makes me feel comfortable.' And ever since then, it's been kinda like my beer blankie." Hey, everyone has their go-to comfort food ... or brew, in this case.

The singer has a soft spot for the foods (and drinks) of his youth

Post Malone's past collaborations with Bud Light include starring in an ad for the brand's take on spiked seltzer and even a special collection of Bud Light bottle cap charms to go with his limited-edition line of Crocs. Clearly, the rapper is not shy about declaring his love for his so-called "beer blankie."

As for what he's washing down with all that Bud Light? Posty told Mythical Kitchen in a 2023 TikTok video that he can't turn down childhood comfort foods like chicken nuggets or a classic Raising Cane's combo meal. "I'm a simple man, I eat like I'm four ... and I want to live like I'm four," he explained, adding that his choice in food may be his way of holding onto his youth. In that case, it makes total sense that he's kept a soft spot for his first beer all of these years. Indeed, it seems he has every intention of continuing his Super Bowl tradition with Bud Light. "Maybe ... we just do one every year until everyone is sick of seeing me," he mused to Billboard. We'd raise a bottle of beer to that.