Why You (Probably) Can't Try Taco Bell's 3 New Tajín Menu Items

On Tuesday, February 27, Taco Bell announced a new collaboration with Tajín seasoning. Unfortunately for many of the eatery's fans, however, only a small percentage of them will actually be able to give the limited-time menu items a try.

According to information shared with Mashed, Taco Bell's latest partnership with the chili lime seasoning brand features three new menu additions that are said to be a "sensory journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Mexican-inspired cuisine." The trio will be rolling out exclusively at the Taco Bell located at 2222 Barranca Parkway in Irvine, California, where they will be available until Wednesday, March 6, or while supplies last.

Unsurprisingly, many fans of the chain have already expressed their dismay over the West Coast-exclusive menu launch on social media. "Can you sponsor a trip to Irvine for me, pls?" one person asked on the chain's Instagram post announcing the collaboration. Many other commenters requested that the Tajín menu come to their city next.

What SoCal residents will find on Taco Bell's Tajín menu

Those who live within driving distance of 2222 Barranca Parkway will have their pick of three Tajín-inspired menu items. Leading the trio is the Tajín crunchy taco, which pairs the restaurant's seasoned beef with lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, spicy ranch, and a mango salsa. The ingredients are then packed inside of a crunchy corn taco shell coated in an exclusive Tajín seasoning blend created specifically for the collab. This item will be available for $2.89.

Also part of this collab are Tajín twists, available for $1.29. The snack is similar in appearance to Taco Bell's cinnamon twists, but instead of cinnamon, the crunchy corn bites are coated in — you guessed it — Tajín seasoning. Rounding out the new menu is the Tajín Strawberry Freeze, a flavorful take on the chain's Wild Strawberry Freeze that features chunks of real mango and a fruity Tajín chamoy sauce. As demonstrated in a YouTube video from Taco Bell's test kitchen, the icy beverage is served with a wide boba straw so customers can taste all of the drink's different elements in each sip. Like the other two menu items, this beverage, priced at $3.59, will come with an extra packet of Tajín seasoning on the side. Customers can either try each of the new items a la carte or get all three in the Tajín combo for $6.99.