Is Trader Joe's Open On Easter Sunday 2024?

Easter is fast approaching, and for many, preparations are already underway, with the traditional Easter ham ordered and egg-decorating kits at the ready. Even so, a last-minute grocery trip is sometimes needed. Whether you want to pick up a last-minute bouquet of tulips or have a Sunday grocery shopping day ritual, it's important to know which stores are going to be open so you can plan accordingly. Therefore, you may be wondering if the fan-favorite grocery store Trader Joe's will be open for Easter 2024. 

The good news is yes, Trader Joe's will be open. According to an announcement from the company on, Trader Joe's will be open on March 31, 2024, and with regular hours, so you don't have to worry about doors closing early. There is one exception: Trader Joe's in Portland, Maine, will not be open on Easter Sunday, though no reason is given. So, for Trader Joe's lovers outside of Portland, you can still plan to pick up your last-minute Easter dinner ingredients and goodies on March 31.

Does Trader Joe's have any special Easter items?

Trader Joe's is known for its seasonal limited-edition offerings, so some may be curious if the grocery giant has any special Easter items for sale. The company hasn't released any snacks specific to the holiday, but you can still get what you need for your Easter celebration. 

TJ's will be selling a fully cooked and seasoned spiral-sliced uncured ham that only needs to be heated up in the oven for a couple of hours. This is great if you want a low-maintenance main course for Easter dinner. For sides, the company has highlighted its seasonal four-cheese scalloped potatoes (another dish that just needs to be heated), and haricot verts (French green beans). If you're looking for spring-themed candy, Trader Joe's is also selling super cute peas-and-carrots-shaped sour candies. These would be perfect in a candy dish or tucked away in Easter baskets. Thankfully, you can shop all of these offerings through the Easter holiday.