Celebrity Cookware Products That Will Be Featured At TIHS 2024

The Inspired Home Show will take place at Chicago's McCormick Place convention center from March 17 through 19. This event will showcase the latest in home goods supply, including what's new in the kitchen. With over 10,000 retailers from across 120 different countries, the convention will have a practically endless amount of new cookware to behold. Among the myriad wares featured in this year's lineup are several celebrity products. From classic celeb chefs like Martha Stewart to entrepreneurs such as Paris Hilton, there's no shortage of celebrity-branded culinary gear coming to markets soon.

Mashed has compiled a list of these standout kitchen items featured at this year's show to give you a head start on the latest trends. Whether you're in the market for a new knife block or simply eager to see Stewart's latest collection, there's a fun and star-studded array of items here for you to learn about.

Paris Hilton

The reality TV superstar turned successful businesswoman, Paris Hilton, will be exhibiting her kitchen line. Hilton has partnered with Epoca International Inc. to create a kitchen collection that'll have you saying, "That's hot." While Hilton may not be most famous for her skills in the kitchen, her brand takes her preppy, girly energy and captures it in the form of a knife block.

The renewable bamboo wood, heart-shaped knife block offers a fun twist on your classic knife storage. With pink accents on the block and the knives' handles, it aims to combine aesthetics and functionality. The block also comes with the following tools made from stainless steel: a chef's knife, kitchen shears, one paring knife, a utility knife, and four steak knives.

Martha Stewart

Food media mogul Martha Stewart will be sharing a variety of pots and pans made with different materials and in multiple colors at The Inspired Home Show. Specifically, she'll be displaying a handful of cookware sets that belong to her Martha Stewart line. There will be a handful of 10-piece cookware sets at the show that include pots, pans, skillets, and more. These sets include combinations of stainless steel, ceramic nonstick, tri-ply copper, and aluminum. 

Two Dutch ovens are included: The first is the Eastholm enameled cast iron, five-quart Dutch oven, which may prove useful for larger one-pot meals eaten by the whole family. The other is Stewart's Gatwick enameled cast iron Dutch oven, a traditional item more suited for classic uses like baking bread, simmering stews, and more. Rounding out the selection is some enameled cast iron cookware. This collection takes its country-style inspiration from Stewart's residence in Bedford, New York. The line also includes a gold-rimmed dinnerware set, some mixing bowls, various storage containers, a collection of serveware, and glasses — both stemmed and stemless.

The Everyday line by Stewart will make an appearance at The Inspired Home Show, as well. This brand will be offering cookware for everyday use in eight- and 10-piece sets, a carbon steel bakeware set, a gingham dinnerware and serveware collection, a selection of kitchen tools and gadgets, and — last but not least — stainless steel knives with a wooden block to hold them.

Geoffrey Zakarian

Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian is bringing his Zakarian by Dash collection to this year's show. Zakarian infuses his high-performance, professional chef demeanor into kitchenware that you can bring into your own home. His line includes cast iron pans and skillets, built for heavy-duty searing, roasting, and simmering. A unique feature on one of the pans is a pour spout on the corner for collecting pan juices and facilitating easier cleanup.

Additionally, Zakarian's line has two different knife products available: One is a classic chef's knife with a sheath, featuring a German stainless steel blade with full-tang construction designed to combine functionality with effortless usage. The other bladed offering in the Zakarian line is a two-piece paring knife set. These knives can help with an array of tasks like chopping, slicing, dicing, and peeling.