Mountain Dew Is Continuing Its 20th Bajaversary With 2 Brand New Flavors

While Mountain Dew is a classic soda that many people know and love, it's hard to compete with the cult-favorite Baja Blast variety that has been a beloved Taco Bell offering in the U.S. for the past 20 years. In celebration of Baja Blast's 20th Bajaversary, Mountain Dew's parent company, PepsiCo, recently announced that the citrusy, tropical beverage would be available on store shelves for the entirety of 2024 — an unprecedented move for the company,

The truth is that Mountain Dew Baja Blast has earned an iconic spot in pop culture, and consumers simply want more options. Fortunately, that's exactly what they're getting. According to a press release, Mountain Dew is continuing its Bajaversary by rolling out two brand-new flavors nationwide: Laguna Lemonade and Point Break Punch.

Laguna Lemonade Baja Blast has notes of mango, while Point Break Punch consists of familiar tropical fruit punch flavors. There are different sizes to purchase as well, from 20-ounce individual bottles to 12-ounce packs, ranging in count from 12 to 28 cans. These varieties are currently on store shelves but only for a limited time, so if they sound like something you'll love, don't wait around.

The new flavors are distinctly tropical but familiar

Mountain Dew is a versatile drink with flavors that blend well with many different tasting notes. Ranking every Mountain Dew flavor from worst to best can help you find your favorite, so understandably, many people on social media haven't wasted any time trying out these new flavors.

One social media reviewer enjoyed both flavors and referred to them as "amazing." They described the taste of Laguna Lemonade as a "lemonade Mountain Dew with just a hint of tropical fruit flavor." After tasting the Point Break Punch, they claimed it had "vibes of every delicious fruit punch [they've] ever had," noting that the familiar, sweet Mountain Dew flavor came through on the back end. Another YouTuber added that their local Safeway was selling the 12-packs of these flavors for $9.99. However, if you bought two, you got two for free, making each pack only about $5, which they viewed as a decent deal.

Additionally, buying these drinks allows you to gain points to claim Baja accessories and Taco Bell deals. Eager customers can visit the Baja Blast Shop to learn more and start earning prizes. Plus, if these new flavors prove as popular as the classic Baja Blast, there's a good chance Mountain Dew fans be making frequent purchases.