Why An Expert Says Skip Canned Cocktails And Focus On Bartending Skills

Canned cocktails are a convenient way to unwind after a long day, but you can also bring these classic mixed drinks to a party or on vacation. Instead of acquiring all the ingredients for the various drinks you want to make, the premade cans do all the prep work for you. However, as with most convenience items, packaged adult beverages won't taste quite as good as fresh.

Cutting corners inevitably impacts the quality. That's why alcohol experts recommend ditching the canned cocktails altogether and investing your time in a few bartending tricks. According to Lexi Parker, the lead bartender at Poka Lola Social Club, popular cocktails like the Moscow mule, mai tai, espresso martini, old-fashioned, and ranch water are going to be superior in flavor when made by hand.

The reasoning is that consumers can adjust the ratios of each drink, avoid preservatives, and use the highest quality products in their at-home cocktails. Fresh ingredients aside, Parker stresses the temperature component of handmade drinks, noting that consumers can factor in the correct amount of ice for "proper dilution in a fresh cocktail."

Making your cocktails from scratch is a worthwhile endeavor

The kind of alcohol in canned cocktails can vary from vodka to tequila to malt liquor, based on which brand and beverage you buy. The truth about canned cocktails is that they are accessible and portable, but unfortunately, they do expire. While many brands use quality ingredients, making a shelf-stable item that beats the freshly prepared version is difficult.

Luckily, once you learn how to assemble a few of your favorite canned cocktail recipes, making them from scratch will likely become non-negotiable. The best way to practice your bartending skills at home is to start with simple drinks and learn how various ingredients affect the final product. This can help you find your ideal balance of additives like liquor, bitters, and sweetened syrups.

Another bartending skill is memorization. Not only is this key for throwing drinks together quickly, but it will also build your confidence when hosting friends or family and prevent you from resorting to canned cocktails. Writing your go-to drink recipes down and using them as flashcards can help in the beginning. Even saying the ingredients out loud to the melody of a song is a great trick. You'll be surprised how quickly muscle memory kicks in when you start making cocktails repeatedly. Crafting high-quality cocktails at home is a beneficial hobby since your knowledge will only evolve. While canned cocktails may be handy in a pinch, channeling your inner bartender is worth your while.