Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon Without It Getting Mushy?

One of smoked salmon's many benefits is that it's ready to eat. If stored properly, you can consume it either immediately after purchase or later on. (Incidentally, if you're curious about how smoked salmon is prepared, we've got you covered.) If you're waiting to get creative with your smoked salmon until a later date, freezing it is a viable way to keep it fresh. To prevent it from becoming mushy, however, you need to do two things: properly store it and, once you're ready to use it, properly thaw it.

For the storage portion, make sure you have both an airtight container and greaseproof paper for ideal freezer storage. To avoid overcrowding your container, layer your salmon two slices at a time and separate the layers with a piece of the greaseproof paper. Once your container is filled, close it securely and place it in the freezer.

Even frozen salmon won't last forever, but if you store it properly, smoked salmon should remain intact for up to six months. If you're refreezing already-opened salmon, however, you may notice some moisture loss and discoloration after thawing. Assuming that you froze it properly, though (and that you're eating it within the six-month freshness window), it will likely still taste flavorful.

How to avoid mushiness when thawing smoked salmon

Equally important for preventing mushy smoked salmon is ensuring that you properly thaw it out before use. When your frozen fish absorbs too much moisture (for example, if you run it under water without any airtight packaging or protection), its texture can easily become overly soft and unappealing. Instead, transition your fish from the freezer to the refrigerator in advance and allow it to gradually thaw overnight.

Perhaps you've taken all the necessary precautions to both store and thaw your smoked salmon properly, but it still comes out mushy. This may indicate that your salmon has gone bad. A squishy texture accompanied by discoloration and an unpleasant smell likely indicates that your smoked salmon has spoiled and should be thrown away.

If your smoked salmon is freshly thawed and ready to eat but you find yourself looking for a new way to enjoy it (besides on top of a classic bagel or as part of a breakfast spread), try out our smoked salmon sushi recipe. No matter how you decide to use your this item, though, you can revel in the fact that no cooking is required.