Everything We Know About Angel From Guga Foods

Guga Foods has practically become a household name for steak lovers. The host of this highly popular YouTube food channel is Gustavo Tosta, who goes by his nickname Guga. Guga may be the show's main personality and chef, but he's certainly not the only reason people love to watch. His trusty sidekick Angel has been around since the beginning as the primary taste-tester of all of Guga's tasty creations.

If you're an avid watcher of the show, you already know Angel loves steak more than any other food. Aside from that — and the fact that he's super cute — he's pretty much a mystery. Try to look for Angel anywhere else on the internet besides Guga's channels, including social media, and he is nowhere to be found. We don't even know his last name. That being said, we decided to do some digging to get to know Angel a little better. This is what we found.

Angel is Guga's nephew

It's a pretty comfy gig to be a taste tester for a successful YouTube food channel. Sitting there and tasting delicious food all the time and then giving your honest opinion about it? Most people would sign up for that in a heartbeat. But how does one even go about getting that gig? It helps if you're related to the host, which is how Angel was able to join Guga Foods. His uncle Gustavo Tosta, better known as Guga, is the creator, chef, and primary personality behind the show. 

Back when Guga Foods started, when it was still called Easy Foods, Guga invited his nephew Angel to join him in making the show's early videos. Since he already had another successful YouTube channel, Sous Vide Everything, the Easy Foods channel was just meant to be something fun he could do with his nephew at home. That fun experiment turned into the wildly popular channel that so many of us know and love today. Clearly, it was a smart move for Guga to get Angel on board.

Angel helped make Guga Foods as popular as it is

Back in its earliest days, Guga Foods was nothing more than a fun family project between uncle and nephew. Guga's primary food channel, Sous Vide Everything, was the more successful channel of the two by far. But something about the dynamic between Guga and Angel must have piqued the public's interest. Before long, Guga Foods had a million YouTube subscribers and was surpassing both Sous Vide Everything and Guga's expectations all at once.

Guga attributes the phenomenal success of Guga Foods to the fact that grilling isn't as niche as the sous vide style of cooking covered by Sous Vide Everything. After all, who doesn't have a grill these days, dying to break out their best grilling recipes whenever they can? However, fans of the show would probably beg to differ, citing Angel as a big part of why Guga Foods got so popular. Angel is a cute, young guy who has served as his uncle's main taste tester throughout the show. He gives Guga a straight opinion about the food, never softening the blow. This honest approach, not to mention the fact that Angel is happy to take little digs at his uncle when he can, is fun to watch. The pair goofs around with each other in a familiar, familial way, alternating pranks and lighthearted verbal jabs. Angel and Guga's dynamic has undoubtedly played a huge role in Guga Foods' growth to over 4.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Angel's favorite beverage is Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is by far the most popular soft drink in the world, with only six countries total that don't sell it. Of all the soda consumed by everyone in the world, almost half of it is Coke. That's impressive. Whether its popularity is derived from its flavor, the addictive nature of sugar and caffeine, or highly skilled marketing is debatable. It's probably a combination of all three. 

Angel falls in with the crowd where Coke is concerned, maybe even more so. He not only calls Coke his favorite soft drink but his favorite beverage overall. Angel likes it so much that when his uncle had him do a blind taste test of three batches of chicken marinated in wine, beer, or Coke, he naturally picked the Coke-marinated chicken. The high fructose corn syrup must have added an irresistible sweetness he just couldn't resist. In Angel's case, it really might actually be the flavor alone that makes Coke his absolute favorite thing to drink.

Angel hates vegetables

From broccoli to carrots to spinach to green beans, vegetables come in a huge variety of forms with many different flavors and textures. Even still, Angel says he hates them all. The face he makes at just the mention of a vegetable is nothing short of a grimace. It's even become a running joke on Guga Foods, where Guga and others tease him for his hate of all things vegetable.

Although, maybe hate is too strong a word, especially since Angel has been taste-testing Guga's dishes for years now. Though Guga doesn't typically include veggies in his recipes — probably because Angel has repeatedly expressed his disgust for them — sometimes he'll throw some into a sauce or as a side. Over time, it seems Angel may have softened his position about them, at least a little bit. When Guga asks Angel to try a vegetable from time to time, he tolerates it, especially if he can wash it down with a steak.

Angel is a steak lover through and through, though he's particular about how he likes it cooked

More than any other food, Angel loves steak. There's no question about that. And just like any experienced steak lover out there, he can be pretty particular about the way steak is cooked. For one, he despises a well-done steak, so much so that when he sees one, he takes off running. He's more of a medium-rare guy, which many steak aficionados would agree with. Cooking steak to medium-rare retains its moisture, allowing it to stay juicy and flavorful. Angel also prefers his steak with charcoal flavor. This means despite the convenience of a gas grill, he'll go with charcoal every time. The delicious taste it adds to his favorite food is worth taking some extra time to get right.

Also, when you love a food as much as Angel loves steak, it's worth it to try to cook it yourself. While his skills aren't quite at his uncle's level just yet, Guga's influence has clearly rubbed off on him. Between listening to his uncle talk about his recipes, watching him work, and tasting the results, Angel has absorbed a lot more than just the basics. It should come as no surprise then that he knows how to hold his own and has made a mean steak quite a few times on the show. He's even beaten out competitors in steak-off episodes of Guga Foods.

Angel broke Guga's heart by almost ruining his cast iron skillet

Guga's cast iron skillet is his pride and joy. It's such a versatile tool that cooks all kinds of meat so perfectly, it's no wonder Guga loves it as he does. But if not used and stored correctly any cast iron pan will slowly get ruined. That's exactly what happened when Guga let Angel use his cast iron skillet. Two weeks later, he found it corroded and covered in rust after Angel had left it outside. Luckily for Angel, his uncle knew the correct way to fix it.

Still, that didn't stop Guga from roasting his nephew for what he'd done to his precious cast iron pan. The running joke was that Angel's punishment would be for Guga to dry age him, just like he often does to a steak. Dry aging a steak involves putting it in a special environment with highly controlled airflow and temperature. The process can last from a few weeks to a few months. Considering how heartbroken Guga was when Angel mistreated his cast iron skillet, it makes sense that the idea of dry aging his nephew was born. The punishment has to fit the crime, after all. The internet loved the idea so much that a popular animation channel even made an animated video of Guga dry aging Angel.

Angel is allergic to dogs

Dogs are known for their loyal companionship to humans, and the emotional bond that develops because of that connection can be truly beautiful. Unfortunately, when you're allergic to dogs like Angel is, it usually means becoming a dog owner is out of the question. Yet Angel didn't let his dog allergy get in his way. He found a workaround by adopting a Havanese puppy, a breed known for being hypoallergenic.

While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, certain breeds produce far fewer allergens than others, making it easier for people with dog allergies to enjoy the human-dog bond that so many rave about. Based on what we see on Guga Foods, Angel's sweet and calm personality seems like a perfect fit for taking care of a puppy. Plus, that dog hit the jackpot with Angel: Being such a huge fan of steak, it would be hard to believe a softy like Angel would be able to resist sharing some with his super cute puppy. That dog is going to be eating well for his whole life.

Angel may seem sweet but he has a vengeful side

Occasionally when taste-testing Guga's food, Angel gets tricked into eating something he doesn't like. It's usually either a vegetable or something really, really spicy. Angel has a decent tolerance for spicy food, but when Guga feeds him something far past his limit, it's a painful experience. The normally sweet Angel has responded on more than one occasion to Guga's pranks by letting out his darker side: He seeks revenge, also by way of food.

Of course, the pranks and jokes between Guga and Angel are all lighthearted when it comes down to it. That's part of the fun of watching the show. However, in the moment, things can get heated. We don't mean heated in terms of anger. No fistfights have ever broken out on the show, thankfully. Instead, the heat comes out in the food. Angel knows Guga is not a fan of spicy food at all, so when he marinates a steak with ridiculously hot peppers, the revenge is as fiery as it gets.

Angel's second favorite food is on the far opposite end of the food spectrum from steak

Steak is beyond a doubt Angel's favorite food. Aside from the fact that he says it constantly on the show, it's also obvious watching his often ecstatic reactions as he tries Guga's many steak creations. Yet steak isn't the only food Angel loves. His first runner-up, is not quite as obvious, nor is it anything like steak at all: it's doughnuts. That's a pretty big jump between his number one and number two foods, from the far end of savoriness to the ultimate in sweet treats.

The thoughtful uncle that he is, Guga decided to create a dish for the show inspired by doughnuts, which really caught Angel off guard. While he didn't include any steak in the dish, he did make a doughnut burger with candied bacon, really testing the boundaries of Angel's sweet tooth. Angel did seem to enjoy it, but both he and Guga agreed that eating too much of it would send them right to the hospital.