Khloe Kardashian's Go-To Starbucks Order Will Surprise You

We all have our super-specific Starbucks order that's been perfected over countless visits to the ubiquitous coffeehouse. Whether your preference is a Grande drip black or a Venti triple mocha with three pumps caramel and extra whip, you fancy your drink the most delicious. Chances are good that you strain to hear what the person in front of you orders, just so you can silently judge their obviously misguided choice. And let's be honest — if one of the Kardashian sisters was ahead of you in line, you'd pay extra close attention to their order — and yes, you'd judge them, too. Obviously. 

Since it's unlikely that most of us will ever find ourselves behind the Kardashians or Jenners in the Sbux queue, we'll have to rely on the Internet to get the scoop on what these (in)famous sisters order. And now that we know what Khloé orders at Starbucks, our own finicky orders are looking pretty tame.

In a rapid fire Q&A interview with sister Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian spilled the tea on her go-to Starbucks order, and it's... a lot. "Venti, seven pump, no water, chai latte," she said, to which Kylie asked, "Ooooh, what's a seven pump?" "Just a little extra fabulousness," her sister responded.

According to The Daily Meal, a typical Starbucks Venti chai latte comes with five or six pumps, so while seven sounds like a lot of pumps, it's only one or two extra. The real kicker, though, is that "no water" stipulation. The water that's added to the chai latte goes a long way in diluting that concentrated tea flavor, so this drink is going to pack a serious punch.

Refinery29 took one for the team and actually ordered this incredibly specific Starbucks drink to fill us all in on how it really tastes. The review begins, "You know that crystal bowl of potpourri that sits on a shelf alongside a small watercolor painting of flowers and a cherub figurine in your great aunt's sickeningly pink powder room?" That's not a good sign. The custom chai latte rang up at $5.72 at a New York Starbucks location, and R29 reports that for just under $6, you're handed a drink that's "both cloyingly sweet and extremely strong," saying "one sip of this specially-formulated Chai Latte may have caused this writer's lips to purse and nose to wrinkle." But hey, Khloé would probably turn her nose up at your go-to Frappuccino order — to each their own, right?

Want a little more insight into Khloé's eating habits? She also shared that her favorite fast food joint is Popeyes, and said that she'd eat a cockroach for $1 million. (For what it's worth, Kylie said she would not.) Now you know.