That Extra Cup Of Coffee Might Be A Bad Idea, Study Finds

Coffee is likely part of your morning routine, and in fact, you might down multiple cups each day trying to stave off fatigue. In 2018, Reuters reported that 64 percent of adults in the United States noted they'd had at least one cup of coffee the previous day. However, recent research suggests that if you experience migraines, you might want to hold off on that extra cup of joe.

A research study out of Harvard looked at how caffeinated beverages affect people with migraines (via People). They tasked 98 people who experience episodic migraines to keep track of their caffeine intake, as well any migraines they experience. They also asked the participants to keep track of various lifestyle factors. 

While they found that there wasn't a significantly increased risk of migraines for those who drank two (or fewer) caffeinated beverages each day, three or more could spell trouble, as those participants were 1.4 times more likely to suffer from a migraine. Five or more cups of coffee increased that risk 2.61 times. This is certainly bad news for those who really love that java to start (and get through) each workday.

Experts have known for a long time that caffeine has significant impacts on the central nervous system (it's a stimulant and as such, is a widely-used and mostly unregulated drug), and those who consume it on the regular can become physically, emotionally, and psychologically dependent on it. When a habitual user cuts down or ceases imbibing it, headaches (sometimes severe) can pop up as one symptom of withdrawal. Other symptoms can include excess fatigue, feeling foggy, difficulty concentrating, and decreased alertness.

If you regularly drink three or more cups of coffee each day, it might be in your best interest to cut that down to one or two cups — especially if you're prone to migraines. This way you're not cutting yourself off completely (and triggering a severe withdrawal headache or other withdrawal symptoms), but you're also not drinking so much coffee you're triggering a migraine.