What You Need To Know About Nacho Flay, Bobby Flay's Cat

When it comes to relationships, Bobby Flay doesn't have the best luck. He's struck out three times when it comes to marriage and spent 17 years in an on-again, off-again relationship with the Food Network's Iron Chef. Thankfully, when it comes to unconditional love, there is a relationship where Flay has never faltered. 

From a young age, Flay has always had a sweet spot in his heart for cats. Being an only child, Flay tells CBS News that his family cats were the closest thing he had to brothers. He grew particularly close to his cat Pumpkin, an orange tabby whose hair matched his own. After leaving home at 19, Flay went 30 years without a cat in his home until he found Nacho. Nacho is a Maine Coon cat more famously referred to as Nacho Flay — and being the sidekick of a famous chef has its perks. If you aren't familiar with Nacho Flay, here are a few things you should know.

Nacho Flay doesn't come cheap

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cat breed in the world. Maine Coon cats like Nacho Flay can grow to weigh up to 25 pounds and can cost a minimum of $200 to feed annually. That's before any five-star meals are added in that Flay has been known to make Nacho. Plus, with all that hair, bathing and brushing can really add up. CBS News says to expect an annual price tag of around $980 to feed and care for a Maine Coon. Cat breeder Anthony Hutcherson says that if you want to add one to your family, you better start saving your pennies — the cost of a kitten can range anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000. 

Instagram loves Nacho Flay

Nacho Flay has had some pretty big success when it comes to social media. He has his own Instagram account with almost 200,000 followers and his Instagram feed tells quite a story. Most posts you'll find Nacho Flay lounging in all the places he doesn't belong like the sink, the garbage, and in a frying pan. Nacho also makes regular trips to Flay's New York City restaurant, Gato, which coincidentally was inspired by a mysterious orange cat strolling past Flay while he was waiting for the real estate agent to show him the restaurant space for the first time. Sometimes Nacho shares the spotlight with his sister Stella, who is also a Maine Coon.

Nacho Flay eats gourmet

When it comes to meals, Nacho Flay will pass on canned food and kibble, which is an easy thing to do when you have your own personal chef. Though Flay says he does feed Nacho normal cat food to make sure he gets all the ingredients he needs, every now and then he gets spoiled with a gourmet meal like nachos. In a video on Tasting Table, Flay creates a special Super Bowl edition of nachos and makes a special plate for his pal. Nacho Flay gets to happily feast on tortilla chips topped with grilled chicken and shrimp.