KFC's Entry Into The Chicken Sandwich War Includes Donuts

Chicken sandwiches have been on everyone's mind in the summer of 2019, after Popeyes ran out of its wildly popular spicy chicken sandwich and all of the major chains started warring on Twitter about whose fried chicken reigned supreme. Now, KFC is getting in the game, with the late-season arrival of its Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich. 

The sandwich is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a crispy fried chicken filet served on two glazed donut buns. In the pictures it looks like the sandwich is dressed with a little mayonnaise, though KFC's press release doesn't mention what's on the sandwich other than chicken. It will sell for $5.99 alone, or $7.99 for a combo.

Also available will be a fried chicken and donuts basket, which offers up boneless or bone-in Kentucky Fried Chicken with a donut as the side dish, instead of the usual biscuit, coleslaw, or mac and cheese. 

Where can I get KFC's Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich?

Unfortunately, KFC is currently only testing their fried chicken and donuts sandwich at about 40 locations in three cities: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Richmond, Virginia, and Norfolk, Virginia (via Eater). 

According to a KFC spokesperson, "They are being tested as a new product. KFC will evaluate these initial test market results carefully through customer and franchisee feedback and will use the results to determine the best way forward for a potential nationwide rollout" (via Richmond Times-Dispatch). 

If the sandwich does well, there's a chance that the rest of us will be able to taste all of its fast-food glory, too. The only question is, is the chicken sandwich market becoming too saturated? Sure, the spicy offering from Popeyes got a lot of social media buzz, but the real reason Popeyes ran out of chicken sandwiches wasn't because of a gimmick, it was because they produced a genuinely delicious chicken sandwich (via The Takeout). 

Will the donut-instead-of-bun schtick work in KFC's favor and make it a viral hit, like Popeyes? Or should they forget the donut bun and put more focus on perfecting their chicken? Only time will tell, but meanwhile, what a tasty time to be alive.