Here's What Ina Garten Would Eat For Her Last Meal

Ina Garten, aka The Barefoot Contessa, knows a lot about food. So you'd think that the food she'd eat for her last meal would be something truly spectacular, or at least something fancier than what the average Joe eats on a regular basis. 

But Garten is always surprising us. Whether it's revealing that she actually thinks cooking is hard, or that she likes to add salt to her oatmeal, the Barefoot Contessa always keeps us guessing. Given that she has a way of keeping us on our toes, maybe we shouldn't be so shocked by what Garten would eat for her last meal... but to be honest, we are.

Ina Garten's last meal would involve hot dogs

So, would Garten choose something classic and cozy, like a Julia Childs' famous boeuf bourguignon? Or maybe something fancy, from a Michelin-starred restaurant? 

Not quite. Garten revealed to her fans that her last meal would be a hot dog from Frenchie to Go in Paris, along with a side of fries, since it's her last meal and all (via Today). Let's get this straight. Garten — a New Yorker — would choose a French hot dog as her last meal? Hmm. "It's unbelievable," she promised.

Apparently, it's a pretty fancy hot dog, which starts to explain things. The tube steaks themselves are made in house out of smoked 100 percent shorthorn beef, and it's topped with something called Savora sauce, which is a spiced French condiment that includes mustard seeds, vinegar, honey, and cinnamon (via The Kitchn). The 'dog is placed on a fancy bun, too, which is made by Gontran Cherrier, a famous baker in Paris, and there's sauerkraut in there for good measure. 

But is it really any good? Well, Garten called the hot dog the "best lunch ever" on Instagram, and the restaurant has four out of five stars on TripAdvisor, so clearly it's doing something right. 

Still, the hot dog only costs $9.45. For a last meal, hopefully Garten could at least make it a twofer.