Here's What Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Eats Every Single Weekend

Antoni Porowski is the food guru on the hit Netflix show Queer Eye, a cookbook author, and a restaurateur, so suffice to say he knows a thing or two about food. But the young cook, who was once the personal assistant to Ted Allen (food guru on the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and host of Food Network's Chopped), doesn't always venture out to eat something exciting and new, and in fact, there's one item that Porowski eats every single weekend.

It would be easy to guess that it's something healthy, like a smoothie, or one of his go-to drinks, black iced coffee or cold brew. But it turns out that on the weekends, it's all about the dairy for Porowski. 

Antoni Porowski's favorite weekend snack

The one thing Porowski eats every weekend without fail is a cheese plate (via USA Today). It's not a new habit brought on by brushing shoulders by big names in the food world or because he has access to fine dining now that he's cashing in those Queer Eye checks, either. Porowski says that even as a kid, he would enjoy a cheeseboard every weekend with his family. 

"Every Friday night, when my parents would watch 20/20 and I would get home from swim practice, we always had a cheese board. It was something we had every single week," he said, noting that they were usually pretty over-the-top (via Grubstreet). 

Antoni Porowski's favorite cheese

What might you find on Porowski's cheese board? He's very vocal about being a cheese lover, calling himself a "cheese freak" and saying that he loves "cheese in all different shapes and sizes" (via Refinery29). But one unique item he loves is Le Riopelle, a cheese from Quebec. Growing up in Montreal, it makes sense that Porowski's fave would be Canadian. 

He says that La Riopelle "has this nice moldy crust on the outside, and it's creamy in the center." For best results, Porowski suggests letting the cheese sit at room temperature for an hour. As it warms up, the cheese becomes silky smooth, and "slathers like butter" on baguettes, crackers, and whatever else you like to pair with your cheese. Pair with a sparkling rosé cider and your cheese plate is sure to be Porowski-approved.